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Submitted by Peter Lowe

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 9/11/2013 3:57 PM
Country: Czech Republic
Town: Miskowitz
Date of Image: 1864
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I would be very grateful for a transcription & translation of this letter. I cannot read it but presume it is written in Yiddish/Hebrew. [Confirmed to be in Yiddish]

It was written by Heinrich POPPER of Miskowitz to J. (? Joachim) ORNSTEIN in Prague, who I believe was Heinrich's son-in-law. The paper is written on stationery of M. Fischl's Söhne, a firm in Miskowitz founded by my ancestor, Markus Fischl. Markus Fischl was father-in-law of Heinrich Popper and grandfather-in-law of Joachim Ornstein. Joachim was Prokurator of the company.

Thank you for any help you can give.
Peter Lowe
Hertford, England

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On  Response 
9/7/2013 2:57 AM I think, the beginning of this letter is
"liber zohn Avrohem leben ebik!"
"Dear son Abraham, you shall live forever!"
The matter is, that the writer has his own special way, to form the characters, therefore you must learn his writing by comparing. When I'll have the time, I continue to work on it, but perhaps another Gen'ner will be quicker :-)
9/12/2013 2:32 PM Sorry, I wasn't correct with the name "Avrohem". This is, what I could make out, yet. I will send you some special notes with pictures to all the "XXX".

lieber zohn XXX leben ebik!ikh fahre fun Netolitser mark retur, bin froh dos ikh S. xxx traf. ikh hobe zollen fon Fishl geld bekommen es ist nikhts eyngangen un ikh bin in ferlegenhayt do ikh mehr fih ayngekoyft hobe fehlt es mir, doher liber zohn ikh hobe 2 shtik veksl a 1000 F oysgeshtelt bay dir tsohlbar eyner den 15 Yuni den andern ende Yuni , Fishl vird von do XXX XXX hobe blos vegen gelder halber(?) ken(7) Miskovistn tsu shiken zay zo gut, nimm fir 1 ? veksl di 1000 F shike mir zi zoglaykh es past, ikh hobe es mit S. ferabredet , dos du dos geld abholen virds, di andere 1000 F kanst shpeter nehmen,vofir ikh dikh nokh fershtendigen verde do S. zogt dos fir rekht nur 1000 F geben// nun (?) bitte dikh merke dir den 2 veksel domit du X in nikht fergessen zol/ ob tsvar ikh mir alles gut onmerke, bezonders do ikh durch Heynrikh XXX 5 F XXX tsohlen zolte/ es var zayne shuld do er mir di helfte tsohlen mus, er gab mir dos shtik veksl oyf eynem markte ikh hobe zi zoglaykh unterschrieben vi? zayne? veksl immer on ? XXX, er zogte mir nikhts dos in Vien? eyner tsu ist(?) // durkh den veksl bin ikh tsu 100 F gekommen di er mir veniger(?)gab daran var mayne krankheyt shuld dos ikh fergessen onbigens(?)hobe dir genug gexxx // di fart eylt // lepet rekht vohl ayer t(ayrer) foter Heinrich Popper
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