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Submitted by Lois Gilman

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 8/4/2013 4:29 PM
Family Surname: Seelig
Country: Sweden
Town: Valbo
Date of Image: 1939
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Found in a suitcase. Letter written by 8-year-old child who arrived in Sweden from Mannheim on a kindertransport. Appreciate close translation. This is one of a series that is being posted.

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8/5/2013 9:22 AM gen zu machen über die Strümpfe. Hast Du auch noch den Strumpf mit dem Loch und den 6 Maschen unten dran? Herr Kahn lässt grüßen. Grüße auch Sofi, Herr Fast, den Lehrer Marx,
die [Tante?] Scheni? u. Sali Meier, Seelands und Oppenheimers. Eben höre gerade Radio.
Viele Grüße und Küsse dein Sohn Hans

Lieb Oma! Ich danke Dir für den Brief. Einen Freund habe ich. Herr Kahn hat keine Kinder aber es kommen noch aus Deutschland. Viele Grüße und Küsse dein Enkel Hans
Herr Kahn läßt grüßen.

Meine liebe Frau! Wie geht es Dir?
Mir gefällt es sehr gut hier. In der Schule ist es sehr schön. Heute ligt viel Schnee, es schneit schon den ganzen Tag. Viele Grüße und Küsse Dein Mann Hans
Herr Kahn läßt grüßen

[do not worry] about the stockings. Do you still have the one stocking with the whole and the 6 stitches down below? Greetings from Mr. Kahn. Greetings to Sofi, Mr. Fast, to the teacher Marx, the [aunt?] Scheni? and Sali Meier, the familyse Seeland and Oppenheimer. At the moment I am listening to the radio.
A lot of greetings and kisses
your son Hans

Dear Grandma! Thank you for the letter. I do have a friend. Mr. Kahn has no children, but there will still come [some] from Germany. A lot of greetings and kisses
Your grandson Hans
Greetings from Mr. Kahn

My dear wife! How are you?
I do like it very much here. The school is very nice. Today we have a great deal of snow, it is snowing the whole day long. A lot of greetings and kisses
Your husband Hans
Mr. Kahn sends greetings.
[This last paragraph is also written by the child Hans -perhaps in the name of the husband Hans]
8/5/2013 12:31 PM Obviously, Hans is not writing to his "wife" in the final passage. "Dear Madam"? these last two passages look like rough drafts of two letters or cards he intends to sent. The first is apparently continued from a previous page--likely the reverse of this one, since the holes are on the right.
8/5/2013 7:43 PM "Meine liebe Frau" is correctly translated as "my dear wife". Similalrly, "Dein Mann" is translated as "your Husband". "Liebe" ("dear") was only used at the time for relatives and close friends, and "Frau" in the sense of "Madam" is only used in combination with a name, such as "Frau Schmidt".
This message seems odd for an 8-year old. Possibly he had a friend girl whom he was regarding as his wife in play.
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