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Submitted by David Gordon

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Category: Translation - Hebrew
Approval Date: 8/4/2013 4:21 PM
Family Surname: Horwitz
Country: USA
Town: Lapichi
Date of Image: unknown
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I discovered this document on the internet; it was written sometime in the 1920s by my great-grandfather on his stationery (he was born in Smolevichi and lived in Lapichi before emigrating to the US in 1906). Although he was known in Washington, DC, for his skill as an arbitrator, I don't have any real idea what this document discusses. A translation would be wonderful but even just a summary would be welcome, too. Thank you!

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8/4/2013 11:17 PM I think this is Hebrew. It is addressed to the "sage rabbis", the presidents and others, to my disappointment it was not possible for me to attend the large and holy assembly ... I knew the Aguda was in a difficult state ... I sent 10 dollars ...

There are a number of acrostics used in this note.

8/7/2013 7:49 AM It is indeed in Hebrew.

With G-d's help, Tuesday the 8th day of Iyar 5690
My teachers and rabbis, the excellent rabbis who have the role of presidents and all the other rabbis, the Lord bless (?) them.
To my dissatisfaction I was unable to come to the great and holy assembly to partcipate with the other rabbis because of my weakness and the state of my health. I know that the society is in dire straits and I said (to myself) I will send the dues [the English word "dues" written phonetically in Yiddish letters] on time and I have sent a cheque for ten dollars. I will finish by saying may there be joy in your deeds and may the next annual assembly take place, G-d willing in the holy lands [plural in the original] Moshe Aharon Horowitz, [followed by abbrevations I don't recognize]

Translated by a person whose ancestors came from Lapichi...

There are no acrostics in the text, only abbreviations.
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