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Submitted by Sue Sinkinson

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Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 7/10/2013 4:58 PM
Family Surname: Harris and Sroker
Date of Image: 1871
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As can be seen on the 1871 census, the place of birth for Hannah, Betsy, Maria and Deborah HARRIS is shown as Russian Poland. Hannah's mother Sarah SROKER is also shown as being born in the same country.
Based on the limited information that we have (ie, from census returns), how do we trace exactly where they came from? We would also like to know what the surname was before it was (presumably) changed to HARRIS. In addition, we would like to know Hannah's maiden name - we have a few more clues to this. On the birth certificates that we have of Hannah's English born children her maiden name has been shown as either ZURACI, SOROKY, or SOROCKY, and on the 1871 census it is shown as SROKER.

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7/12/2013 2:15 AM About the family name: those are different transliteration
forms of Soroky or most probably Soroker.
Here is the link to Family names Database in Beith Hatefutzot Museum in Israel. You can try a search:
About Russian Poland - the borders in East Europe moved constantly. The Russian Empire expanded and shrinked, depends on the period. There could be hundreds of towns and villages in this area. I would try to look at the historical maps of Russian Empire according to year of birth.
Good luck
7/14/2013 12:23 PM My HARRIS family was from Poland,though I don't know what city. I found their original name when I was going through letters my mother had saved. They were from a man named Busick, addressed to "my dear niece, Sonia. I was quite puzzled, until I got a response to my question on a Jewish Gen discussion group that Sonia and Sophie were sometimes used interchangeably. My grandmother was Sophye Harris Edelstein. You might try locating citizenship applications, in addition to ship manifests.
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