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Submitted by Peter Vanlaw

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 6/26/2013 4:24 PM
Family Surname: Weinlaub
Country: Germany
Town: Hannover
Date of Image: ca 2006
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I would like a translation of the letter. It pertains to my paternal grandmother, I believe.
There is a 2nd page which I would also like translated, and will attempt to upload it as well.

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On  Response 
6/27/2013 5:05 AM Sorry my English is pretty poor, however here is a transalation of both pages I hope you'll understand:

Dear Sir Vanlaw,
I would try to answer your question and I hope you will understand my lines written in German.
Regarding the suicide of your grandmother Gertrud Weintraub on 4.4.1933, we can only have assumptions about her reasons. Apparently a serious illness, and perhaps family conflicts or, as you think, about problems in the marriage of your grandparents. I would like to point out another possible reason: a few days before the suicide, the Nazis organized the first boycott against Jewish traders on 04/01/1933 (a Saturday). A major propaganda in the press and radio, SA men standing in front of the stores, threated the sellers and their customers.
This action caused fear and terror among the people involved. It also showed that the Nazi government would not hesitate to use any illegal means. It seems possible that your grandmother was shocked by this action ,that she feared for her life, and that she felt the greatest fear of her life.
I would add that your grandmother died at the Jewish hospital, where she was transported by ambulance from his home.
Presumably this is your grandfather who called the ambulance and took care of the transport. Who else could have done it ?.
You assume that your grandfather before and after 1933, had abandoned his family, I would like to point out that the location in the cemetery Bothfeld, selected in 1933, was planned and built for a double grave. A double headstone was also raised.
In other words, there is no doubt that her husband was also expected to be buried here.
Only the husband of a married deceased woman could reserve second place (in the double tomb).by the cemetery administration.
Another surprise, your grandfather was 70 years old in 1933. He was an aged "father", in other words, he was 38 years old at the birth of his son Will and 40 at the one of his son Kurt .
The bad relationships existing between father and sons may be due to the big difference in age between them. This is maybe the “secret” of these bad relationships.
Perhaps that Adolf Weinlaub in 1933, three years before his death, was ill and could no longer perform his job as a trader.

best regards

6/28/2013 2:40 PM There is a sentence missing in the previous translation:
By the way, the original inscription of the headstone was in bronze letters that have been lost; tody only the name Weinlaug is carved into the stone.
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