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Submitted by Allan Westreich

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Category: Translation - Hebrew
Approval Date: 6/23/2013 4:10 PM
Family Surname: Zumerblyum-Jablonsky
Country: Belarus
Town: Brest Litovsk
Date of Image: circa 1895
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Would love to have this ketubah translated from Hebrew to English. I am particularly interested in the handwritten information, specifically the names of bride, groom, parents, and the date of the ketubah/wedding.

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6/23/2013 5:07 PM The format and language are the standard used in a kesubah. It is Aramaic, not Hebrew.

It says that the marriage took place on the sixth day of the week (could be Thursday night or Friday day), the fifteenth day of the month of Tammuz (that is actually today, by the way), in the year 5656 (June 26, 1896) in the city of Brisk d'Lita (which is "Brisk of Lithuania", or Brest Litovsk).

The name of the groom is Yehudah Leib, son of Yisrael. The bride's name is Esther Leah, daughter of (something) Lipman Ha'levi. (He has a double name, but I cannot make out the first one.)

The first witness is (something) Velvel, son of Avigdor.

The second witness is Zev Shabsai Gazshinski (unsure about this last name).

I hope that someone else can fill in the few parts that I cannot read (first part of the bride's father's name, first part of the first witness's name, and the last names of the witnesses).
6/24/2013 7:18 AM The groom is a rabbi: the acronym "moreinu harov" precedes his name, "Yehuda Leib son of Yisrael".
The father of the bride is Yom-Tov Lipman Halevi.Yom-Tov Lipman was the name of a major talmudic scholar who wrote the well-known commentary "Toisfos Yom Tov" and maybe this person was a descendant or was given this name to honor his memory.
First witness: the letters don't match Velvel. The only name that can be read with certainty is "son of Avigdor". The family name might be something resembling "Binshtok".

Hope this has helped you some more.
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