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Submitted by Barbie Schneider Moskowitz

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 5/12/2013 4:26 PM
Family Surname: Sorkin
Country: Belarus
Town: Mogilev
Date of Image: October 1948
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Pg5- This letter was in response to a letter my Grandmother Lillie Sorkin (Leikah)sent to Mogilev in Sept 1947 inquiring about her family. The writer of the letter is a cousin. My Aunt met Hissel Sorkin in Belrus in 1984. I had this translated by a Chabad Rabbi but he did not know many words/Names, Russian Words written in Yiddish. The Wedding mentioned is my mother and father's November 1947.

Barbie Schneider Moskowitz
Washington DC

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On  Response 
5/6/2013 11:49 AM To me this is page two (not five). Sorry.

"Zissel led them out of Leningrad, but people went through so many terrible experiences, people couldn't survive and in Tashkent we all suffered great hunger; especially mother couldn't cope with all this.
Zissel and Hertse made the journey and put a monument on the grave.
You ask to write to you what my brothers are doing; Hertse will write to you about this and about what he does.
Nonne is a shop manager and Zissel also used to have a similar job.
Sayne's husband became in his old age a workman, making pictures. They have already married off all their children and have grandchildren from all of them. I would also like to live to see such a day. After such a terrible war against the Jews it is difficult to make a good match.
I have the impression that you forgot about everybody, you left Russia 35 years ago.
I remember you, Blume and Ette, and Chaim Shaul(?) as if it were yesterday. (can't make out the last two sentences)

Hope this has helped you.
5/6/2013 12:10 PM I think it's "Nissol" not "Zissel".

Last two sentences, transliterated:
Zayer Meir hot zich afile nit gipruft aroysfarin. Keinme hot zich dos nit gegleybt
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