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Submitted by Janie F Tyre

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 4/24/2013 4:31 PM
Family Surname: Friedman
Country: Hungary
Town: Eger
Date of Image: 1903?
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Side 2: Postcard to my grandfather in Vienna from his sibling (?), mailed from Eger. Family originally from Szatmar. The parents died in 1898 of TB, and the children were apprenticed out or married. I would most appreciate as detailed a translation as possible. Thank you!

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On  Response 
4/25/2013 1:49 AM Hello Janie,

While the postcard is written in Hungarian, the writing is very difficult to decipher. My educated guess can pull out the following for you.

1) The note seems to be from "Izidor" (last word on bottom right side. On the same line I see the word "batyad", which means brother. So, I assume that Izidor was a brother.

2) On second line top right, "Becsbe" refers to in the town of Becs.

3) On first line top right, I see what appears to be the name "Rozy", which is a female name.

4) Cannot be sure of to whom the letter was written...Jo
4/27/2013 3:32 PM It's a New Year's greeting card. The writing is cramped and somewhat creatively spelled (the writer did not appear to believe in the utility of doubled consonants, for example). Unfortunately, the bottom line identifying the writer and his relationship to the addressee is the most cramped and blotched of all, so it's not clear if these are brothers, cousins, or nephew and uncle.

Here's my best attempt at a translation:
Dear little brother [1], it was hard to wait it out for you to get back to Vienna so I could answer your letter. I got the money that you sent, and I thank you very much for it; it came in handy, because the cold has arrived and I was freezing, so I used it to buy two tricot under-clothes, one pair of winter under-pants, and a tricot shirt.
How did you celebrate the holiday? As I can read from your card, you were all the way in Hungary to celebrate. I assume you had a good time at the holiday, better than I did. Awaiting your esteemed response, I send greetings [2], your loving "??"[3] elder brother, Lévig??[4] Izidor.

[1] öcsém is literally "my younger brother", but it can be used as an affectionate term of address for any younger male (usually related, but not necessarily).
[2] literally "kisses", but the connotation is much closer to "greetings".
[3] the unreadable part is very short (possibly abbreviated), in quotation marks, and all-important to the interpretation of the relationship: plain bátyád is "your elder brother", but if you add, say, unoka- beforehand, it becomes "your [elder male] cousin".
[4] positionally, this is probably Izidor's surname, although it could be some other epithet; in any case, it's very hard to make out.
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