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Submitted by Lara Esther Diamond

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Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 4/21/2013 4:27 PM
Family Surname: Possibly Dreyer or Blaustein
Country: Latvia
Town: Riga?
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This is page 1/4 of a letter (other pages also uploaded). I'd appreciate a translation, or at least a gist of the content. Thank you!

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On  Response 
4/22/2013 6:28 AM The first line is in Russian:
Leningrad December 10,1928.
The rest of the text is either in Latvian or German (commonly used in Latvia), I an not sure. Anyway it's in Latin and not Cyrrillic letters.
There is also a return address in Russian on the last page. See your last post for translation.
4/22/2013 10:27 AM Yes, the rest is german script.

I could read all but not the name of Bertha's brother.

My dear niece Bertha,

I received your letter with it’s for me so sad notice that I have lost my faithful sister.
Surely you my dear can imagine how much sorrow that means for me, who I had my whole joy in reading the handwriting of Mame; and now this joy was taken away.
Now dear sweet Berta please write everything to me, had she

second page

been sick before or did she become sick suddenly? Although she has written in every single letter to me, that she is in good health. But who can tell out of the distance. Surely she had had a weakened heart earlier.
Now dearest Berta, I have not written all the time that uncle Louis died three years ago. He died because of cancer; he had laid in bed for 6 months.

third page

I didn’t want to trouble Mama, that we lost our dear brother Louis.
Now dear child what do you do with your health? I can imagine the loss for both of you, for you and for [ Ser__], but it also consoles and makes to keep together. How is [Ser__]? Has he calmed down a bit already? Be consoled a bit, it was surely predestinated that you were bound to loose your faithfull mother and I my faithful sister

forth page
I ask you dear Berta to answer my letter, do not forget that you still have an aunt. You do write very well. Greetings from me and from Gittel and her husband to you and your husband and the children. How do they do?
Best greetings to [Seri] he shall restore and be appeased. I understand very well his loss.

Your aunt Ida, whi is expecting an answer soon.

My address:
[not readable for me]
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