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Submitted by Renee Payne

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Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 4/3/2013 4:39 PM
Family Surname: Jacobowitz
Country: USA
Town: braddock, pa
Date of Image: August 5, 1918
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I would like help with deciphering the name of the father.
The married name is JACOBOWITZ. In the JRI-Poland records, the maiden name of Dora JAKOBOWICZ (subject of this death certificate)
is RAUCH. I don't know if REICH is the informant's spelling of RAUCH or if Dora's mother was a REICH.
Thank you

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On  Response 
4/4/2013 11:35 PM Hello Renee,

The possibilities for the maiden name of the mother seem to be either Reich or Ruch. You even mention the spelling of Rauch. Generally, in genealogical research, spelling sometimes is not accurate and the researcher has to have an open mind about spellings.

You might want to assume that these are all spellings of the same name, whichever spelling used. HOWEVER, I think that there is more research needed to know for sure that there are not two or three different names here. Keep an open mind, and continue to see if you can find any other difinitive information....Jo

4/5/2013 7:34 AM Hello --

You asked for help on the father. Seems like Morris Marquis is a possible. Ma.. is clear, and s at the end. There seems to be a loop after what appears to be an r, and then there is a dot somewhere above what could be a u before an i

Certainly, the Reich is clear.

Without the whole image, that's a fair guess. I suppose that Jacobowitz is Dora's married name, and you have not offered what you believe to be her maiden name, which this document suggests to be Marquis or something near.
4/5/2013 10:01 AM Although it is a bit blurred or messy, my best guest is that the father's surname is MARCUS. (If he never came to the US, then his given name was not really "Moris/Morris." )
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