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Submitted by Allan Jordan

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Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 3/24/2013 4:34 PM
Family Surname: Nathan
Country: Germany
Date of Image: 1883
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This is from a Hamburg 1883 passenger list.

Can someone read/interpert the second surname which is Eva NATHAN. What do the three words in the middle say/mean for this woman? Do you think she is traveling with the family listed above?

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On  Response 
3/24/2013 5:51 PM Cassel, Hessen, Dienstmaedchen: she came from what's now spelled Kassel, in Hessen then as now; and she worked as a maid.

The people above were from Braunschweig, somewhat to the north. The manifest indicates that the people listed are emigrating, so they'd have to have been emigrating with their maid if she was part of the party.

It's pretty likely that the scribe simply bracketed them in order to write "New York" only once.
3/25/2013 8:09 AM Hi Allan, if you check the mainfest upon arrival in New York, you may be able to see if they were travelling on the same ticket or not. It is certainly Hessen-Kassel as has already been stated. Best, Michael
3/28/2013 8:51 PM "Pien" means "govern" and "madchen" means (colloquially) "housemaid". She may have been a governess to all those children!
4/9/2013 6:17 PM Hi Allan, my two cents. I don't think she's traveling with anyone because her responses are not part of the joint answers of the family above, and do not match the other people's either. It is possible though since her New York is with a curve with the other family above, vs the usual ditto mark.

Looks like:

Cassiel (I add the i because of the dot. Other letters on the page are dots when they should be i's. Look at "Louise." Some i's are present though)

Ressiene (the writer's R's and H's look very similar but the R's have a closed top and the H's are open and this one is closed)

Pienflouri Pofen. I think I massacred that one.

You'll get a better idea when you see the NY arrival manifest.

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