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Submitted by David J. Priever

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Approval Date: 3/27/2013 4:33 PM
Family Surname: PRIEVER
Country: France
Town: Annency
Date of Image: February 4, 1944
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My father was a commander of this German Prisoner of War Camp. In 2012, I contacted the town associated with the camp, Annecy, and officials there had no information about the camp ever having existed!!!! A. Joly was the Colonel who placed my father, at the age of 19, in charge of the camp. I am trying to find any written documentation and photos. Thank you.

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3/22/2013 1:59 PM Hello David,

You have the proof of your father's locale during the war, as shown by the document.

In general (using google translate) it states that he was in youth work at the Police training center at the Berthollet center. The Head of Centre Berthollet certifies that the young Bernard Priever was at the center as an apprentice.

It's sad to say that I have heard from a few holocaust survivors, when they have gone back to Europe to look for the location of their own forced labor, to their surprise there was absolutely NO evidence that such places had ever existed. It seems that France is dealing with this location in the same way as other countries.

I did try to search to see if there was any information about either Berthlollet or Annecy, but could not find anything. You might want to try Google or any other search vehicle for more information. Perhaps a call to Red Cross International, which you can access through the local Red Cross, might be able to shed more light on this for you.....Jo
3/27/2013 3:33 PM Dear David,

Based on a bit of internet search, I discovered that Annecy is also called Eneci

By using the search phrase "Eneci, France, and World War II". I found an article in the online New Jersey Jewish news ( about this town, World War II, the Jewish population that is living there currently. Perhaps if you contacted the Rabbi living there currently, he might be able to help you with more information.

Hope this helps,

3/30/2013 12:52 AM Hi David,

You might want to contact the US Holocaust Museum. Their researchers have been doing incredible work on documenting tens of thousands of camps, including very small and little known ones. See

Neither of the first two published volumes sounds like it would include a small camp in France, but perhaps the editor, Dr. Geoffrey Megargee (, can help you -- and he may welcome hearing what you know about Centre Berthollet.

3/30/2013 3:41 AM There must be an error somewhere here. There couldn't have been any German POW camp anywhere in France in FEbruary 1944, because France was still occupied by the Germans and Annecy itself was only liberated in August 1944 !!!!

The certificate you posted is an official certificate signed by M. JOLY the Director of Berthollet Institute, Centre of Professional Training for Youth, attesting that "the younThe certificate also bears the official stamp of the Mayor of Annecy and a reference to Decree dated March 14, 1939, exoneration by article 15.

IT'll be too long to explain here, but this was not at all a labour camp but part of the compulsory reorgniazation of the French Youth as national workforce of Vichy government. In fact, being recruited and officially registered in such Centre in France proper was the only way to avoid being sent as compulsory civilian worker in Germany, and for the Jews, it was the best way to hide in plain sight and avoid deportation.

Just the same, this small centre did not become a German POW camp after the war. The POW camp of Annecy was the camp de Novel and there were 5,800 German POW from the whole Province of Rohne Alpes there. with all due respect, it would be very surprising that the commandment of such a large camp would have been given to a person who was not high in the military command chain ....

You could write to Musee de la resistance– Annecy, Avenue du Trésum ,74000 Annecy, France. Join the certificate and ask for more information concerning both your father, M. JOLY and the Centre Bertholet.

Rivka (
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