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Submitted by Steven Rosenberg

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Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 3/6/2013 4:49 PM
Family Surname: Gravestones Inscription Frame 3
Country: Poland
Town: Pultusk
Date of Image: 1910
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Pultusk Gravestones Project - The text contains Hebrew Gravestone Inscriptions with Russian Translations all handwritten. We would like translators to provide a full translation either from the Hebrew, Russian or both if possible.

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On  Response 
3/9/2013 5:12 PM can't help w/ Russian. here's my attempt with the Hebrew:
1- Here Lies The old lady Chinka dtr of R Yitzchak, died 5 Elul 5364 (1604)
2- Here is buried the Rabbinic scholar, our rabbi & teacher Yitzchak son of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman (The tzaddik's memory is blessed) died 12 Sivan 5365 (1605)
3- Here lies a pious & trustworthy man, who enlightened the wise in the law, the Officer (Aluf) Our teacher Meir son of "Maharam" (probably Rabbi Moshe) Katz who passed away 5403 (~1642), 3 Kislev
4- ... was buried... A righteous and and upstanding man, Rabbi Pesach son of Meir Katz, died on the sabbath, 16 Av 5434 (1675)
How's that?
3/11/2013 7:08 AM Here is the translation of Russian text:
"the Jewish Cemetery in Dubno exists for a very long time. The oldest gravestones were broken or sunk into soil. Only some gravestones, mostly later ones, survived. I mention some because of their age. No Jews who became famous or of some historical significance were buried in Dubno cemetery. Among residents of Dubno there were Rabbis who were known to local population for their educaton and wide knowledge of Jewish religious texts. As was the custom then, there graves were covered with small clay buildings, the names of the deceased were written on the exterior walls using black paint on white background. With time most of the buildings were ruined and with them diasappeared the writings.
... (after Hebrew)
Here lies an old lady Hinna daughter of Reb Itzhok. Died on 5th of Elul (August) 1604, may her soul be bound in the bundle of life.
... Here lies sharp-minded scholar Rabi Itzhok, son of Rabbi Shlomo-Zalman, may he rest in peace. Died on 12th of Sivan(June) 1605. lies a very religious woman Shifra daughter of Reb Elyakim. Died on 28th of Tamuz(June or July) 1614. May her soul be bound in the bundle of life.
....Here lies a religious and devoted husband, a man who enlightened the eyes of scholars Head Rabbi Meir, son of Rabbi Maharam Katz (initials meaning very high religious authority). Died in 1642, Tuesday 3rd of Kislev(November), may he rest in peace.
And his son is hidden right to him, righteous and just."

Note: all the text in the brackets is also from the translated text.
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