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Submitted by Chris Gould

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 3/10/2013 4:41 PM
Country: France
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This is Part 1 of 2 requests for full translation into English. It is taken from a family postcard. The individuals are not recognised; nor are any of the addressee details. Family origins are Lodz and Warsaw; both had branches settling in Paris in the late 19th/early 20th century.
Thank you very much to all who respond.
Chris Gould

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On  Response 
3/11/2013 7:17 AM The address on the right is in Russian:
J. Kutner
town Lodz
Shkulnaya st., No. 8
The text in Yiddish is very difficult and time consuming to read because of the bad handwritting. The first line says: Dear and beloved sister Antze(?).... I see no name of the sender, but the upper most line (which is continued from the bottom) says: This is his photo together with the Russian person that I told you about....
3/12/2013 4:38 AM I think, the Yiddish is:

dos izt zayn fotograf mit den rus vos ikh immer gezogt hobe zayn alter fraynd shraybe mir vos du makhst mit dayn man un kinderlakh un bite glaykh antvor oyf di adres vos ikh vel dir yetst shrayben

tayere und gelibte shväster (German Umlaut) und eltern ikh hobe dir eyn brif geshriben un du host mir keyne antvort geshriben tayhre shväster leben ikh kene dir shrayben dos er hot di kinder avegegeben tsu eyn nures (nourrice ?) un er tsohl dos heyst 15 frank avokh akh ikh bin shon zo vi fon zinn ikh vel es nisht iber halten dos benkensh fon mayne tayhre tsvey zöhne(German Umlaut) ikh kene nisht esen nisht shlofen es geht mir gor nisht on mayn herts tsiht mir tsu mayne kinder akh shraybe mir thayre shväster lebn vos zol ikh makhen ikh vohne yetst nokh mit im(?) vos vayter vet zayn veys ikh nit vayl ikh denke dos er hot eyne er bekomt immer brief von ihr dervayle xxxgor nisht
bite antvort

English translation:

This is his photo together with the Russian(man)of whom I always told, his old friend.(Please) write me, what you are doing with your husband and children, and please respond, immediately, to the address which I’ll write you now.

Dear and beloved sister and parents, I wrote you a letter and you didn’t write me an answer. Dear sister, shall live, I can write you, that he gave the children away to a nurse(?) and he pays 15 francs the week, oh, I’m nearly no more in my right senses, I won’t stand the longing for my dear two sons, I cannot eat, not sleep, I cannot continue, my heart is drawing me to my kids! Oh, do write me, dear sister, shall live, what shall I do? I’m still living with him(?), I have no idea how to carry on, because, I think, that he’s got a….(unspoken), for he always receives letters from her, during xxx not at all.
Please answer!
3/12/2013 10:37 AM By the way: I (second translator) am not quite sure with my translation concerning the first line under "corresponcance".
- Dear and beloved sister and parents- or:
- Dear and beloved sister, Anzya(?), shall live ("lebn").
But I think, it's the second variant.
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