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Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 1/30/2013 4:08 PM
Family Surname: Bloch/Bernheim
Country: France
Town: Marckolsheim
Date of Image: 1811
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I would be grateful if someone could translate this death certificate which is in French. I'm able to identify the names Jacques Bernheim (decendent) and his parents, Bernard Bloch and Ester Elias. Joseph Bloch is listed on the bottom of the document but I don't know what his role was. This document was retrieved from the Bas-Rhin Archives. Thank you very much!
NOTE: This document received a private response. Thank you for looking.

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On  Response 
1/31/2013 8:34 AM Déclaration de décès fait à la maison commune de Marckolsheim, département du
Bas-Rhin, pardevant l'Officier de l'État civil, a quatre heures du Soirs le quatre Aoust
mil huit cent onze,
Prénoms et nom du décedé Jacques Bernheimer juif
Agé de Trente dix ans, né à Pfastatt Haut Rhin
Profession Juif Colporteur
Domicile, à Cernay
Date de la mort, le deux du même mois d'aoust
epoux de Fradel Block, son décès est constaté par procèsverbal
du jour d'hier.
Prénoms, nom et profession de son pêre Bernard Block [??] juif colporteur à Pfastatt
Prénoms et nom de sa mère ester Elias
Premier déclarant : prénoms, nom, âge, profession Joseph Block aussi juif colporteur
domicilié à Cernay agé de trente ans
Deuxième déclarant [A]ron Meyer aussi domicilié à Cernay jmuif colporteur
Lecture faite, l'Officier de l'Eetat civil a signé avec les paries
Joseph Block aron Meyer

Declaration of death done at the community house of Marckolsheim, department of Bas-Rhin, before the Officer of the Civil State, at 4 p.m. on August 4, 1811
Given names and surname of the deceased: Jacques Bernheimer, Jew
30 years old, residing in Pfastatt, Haut Rhin
Profession: Jewish peddler
Residence: in Cernay
Date of death, Aug. 2nd.
spouse of Fradel Block. His death was established by official proceedings on the day of yesterday.
Given names, surname and profession of his father: Bernard Block [??] Jewish peddler in Pfastatt
Given names and surname of his mother: Ester Elias
First declarant : Given names, surname, age, profession Joseph Block also Jewish peddler
residing in Cernay, 30 years old
Second declarant [A]ron Meyer also residing in Cernay, Jewish peddler
After reading, the Officer of the Civil State has signed with the parties
Joseph Block aron Meyer
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