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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 1/30/2013 4:07 PM
Family Surname: Tieger
Country: Austria
Town: Vienna
Date of Image: 1903
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This is part of a birth record from Vienna: to the left is the father, expected to be Markus Tieger, to the right is the mother Amalie Lilien. It would be great to know what it says

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1/30/2013 6:29 PM unehelich

Mortko Jakob Wieder, israel.
Vertreter, wohnhaft II Mumbgasse
1, geboren im Jahre 1869 zu
Rakowitz in Galizien, unehel.
Sohn der Chasie geb. Wieder
hat sich am 17. September 1913
bei dem hiesigen Matrikelamte
vor zwei Zeugen als Vater
erklärt und die Eintragung
seines Namens ausdrücklich

Amalie Lilien, ledig
die Eintragung wird gelöscht
und dafür eingetragen _
"Malka" geboren am
4. August 1879 zu Kalusz
in Galizien, Tochter des
Samuel Mechel Lilien und
der Brancie.



Mortko Jakob Wieder, Jewish representative (salesman), residing in [Vienna,] second [district], Mumbgasse 1, born 1869 in Rakowitz in Galicia, illegitimate son of Chasie nee Wieder, has declared at this registration office before two witnesses to be the father and has expressly asked for the registratio of his name.

Amalie Lilien, single
The entry is cacelled and replaced by the following:
"Malka", born 4 August 1879 in Kalusz, Galicia, daughter of Samuel Mechel Lilien and of Brancie.

Most Jewish births in the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the time were deemed illegitimate because of government restrictions for Jews to mary.

Rakowitz is probably Rakowice, part of the Prądnik Czerwony district of Kraków, given that other towns with this name are not in Galicia.
Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk province of western Ukraine.

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