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Submitted by Frederick Allen Barton

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Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 1/23/2013 4:34 PM
Family Surname: Löwy - Lederer
Country: Czech Republic
Town: Rokican
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I need an English translation of this birth record, if anyone can read the Kurrent script.

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1/25/2013 4:39 AM If I'm not mistaken this is German Gothic script.
If you upload it to the German section perhaps a volunteer will notice it and will be able to translate.
1/25/2013 10:43 AM 1. Serial number: 5
2. Date and number of the official registration card issued for the circumcision or, in the case of a girl, namegiving.
Meldezettel vom Stadtrathe zu Rokizan 8. Mai 1863 Zahl 991 mit katholischer Seelsorger vidi.
Registration card from the city council of Rokican of 8 May 1869 number 991, viewed by the catholic cleric.
3. Birth: day / month / year / house number / place / city, domain / district
5 / May / 1863 / 123 / Rokizan / k.k Bezirks Rokizan [district]/ Pilsner
4. Stillbirths: male / female [no entry]
5. Circumcision or name giving: day / month / year / place and house number
16 / May / 1863 / Sinagoge Wossek
6. Child: name / sex / legitimate or illegitimate birth
Leopoldina / female / legitimaate
7. Name of the father with occupation, if familiant or professional/tradesman, his place of residence, "Schutzdominium", house number, and in case of legitimate birth, date and number of marriage licence [issued by the] government.
Löwi Herrmann Han[del]smann[?] in Rokizan No. Con. 123 der Stadt zuständig nach Daudleb Adlerkosteletzer Bezirks König[g]rätzer Kreises.
Löwi Herrmann merchant in Rokican No. Con.[I don't know what this means] 123 of the city, "zuständig" in Daudleb, Adlerkosteletz district, Königgrätz county.
8. Name of mother with profession, number of house of residence and name of her parents, in particular with unmarried persons their "Schutzdominium" to be indicated precisely if not "zuständig" here.
Weisel Maria ehel.Tochter des Leopold Weisel aus Bezdiekau und der Magdalena geborene Leder[e]r aus Pilsen, zuständig nach Wessely.
Weisel Maria, legitimate doughter of Leopold Weisel from Bezdiekau and of Magdalena nee Leder[e]r from Pilsen, "zuständig" in Wessely.
9. Signature with indication of place of residence, house number, "Schutzdominium" and district:
Godparent or witness, sandek or shammes:
Karl Koret, Handelsmann [merchant] in Wolduch No 126, Zeuge [witness].
Moses Freund, Fleischer [butcher] in Wossek. No. 98, Zeuge [witness].
Benedikt Stadler, Kantor in Wossek No. 112 als Schames.
Midwife or obstetritian: Karolina Pechaus, Rokizan No. 26
12. The child (including his/her parents or only his/her mother) is foreign and belongs to ("gehört nach"):
Daudlub König[g]rätzer Kreises.

Königgrätz is Hradec Králové.
Rokizan (or Rokitzan) is a German spelling of Rokicany.
Wossek is Velký Osek.
Daudleb is Doudleby nad Orlicí; Daudlub is a misspelling of Daudleb.
Adlerkosteletz is Kostelec nad Orlicí
Wessely could be Veselí nad Moravou, although there are some more towns with the name Veselí.
Bezdiekau is the German spelling of Bezděkov. There are several towns with this name.
The terms "Familiant", "Schutzdominium", "zuständig nach", "gehört nach" are legal terms regarding the right of settlement. Ask at the Austria-Czech SIG forum for details.
"Sandel" seems to be a misspelling of "sandek".
6/30/2013 3:01 PM Hello Fred
It is interesting - my Lederer ancestors came from Doudleby nad Orlici
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