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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 1/13/2013 4:21 PM
Family Surname: Simson
Country: Germany
Town: Suhl
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This is page 3 of 5 of a German document I received from a Historian that has assisted me with my Family Research. I would love to get a translation to English of roughly what the document contains.

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1/16/2013 5:00 AM page 3
After the war daughter Lieselotte sold her parental home intentionally not to citizens of the village but to a refugee family.
Adelheit Simson died August 11th 1914 in Suhl and was burried at the Jewish cemetery beside her husband.
The daughter of Moses and Louise Simson, Emilie, born February 4th 1842 in Schwarza, was married into the old-established family Lonnersstaedter
in Hassfurt September 11th 1866. This family lived also in house #6 in todays "Hauptstrasse" in Hassfurt until the shoa started.
Simmon Lonnerstaedter was born September 24th 1839 as son of the merchant Hesslein Lonnerstaedter and his wife Rosa, maiden name Frank, in house #207,
todays Hauptstrasse 14.
The Irony of the story goes as follows: In the house of the grand-parents of merchant Moses Salomon Lonnerstaedter and his wife Sara, maiden name Hesslein, house #190,
todays Brueckenstrasse #6, Fritz Sauckel, main war criminal, was born. He was sentenced to death by the war criminal court in Nuremberg.
The father of Solomon Lonnerstaedter came from Lonnerstadt in Mid-Franconia and named himself after his place of birth.
Family Simon and Emilie Lonnerstaedter lived with their 6 (?) children (Moses *8/12/1865, Simson/Sigmund *9/5/1866, Rosa *9/25/1868, Pleta (?) *9/4/1869,
Siegfried *6/18/1872, Fanny/Anna *1/7/1874 in Hauptstrasse #208.
Later they moved to house #10, todays Hauptstrasse #15.
Simon Lonnerstaedter died January 9th 1890 in Hassfurt and was burried at the Jewish cemetery in Kleinsteinach. After the death of her husband, Emilie
Lonnerstaedter moved to Nuremberg and died April 15th 1899 and was burried at the old Jewish cemetery.
In 1884 the participator Karl Luck left the company Simson.
The house of the Simson family was in Muehltorstrasse #12. In 1912 the family moved to a villa, which is again family property after the re-union of Germany.
After WW I the widowed grand-mother Jeannette Simson, maiden name Heller, made an important decision: After the death of millions of people she came up with
the conclusion to produce rifles, cars and bicycles to make deals (money) as well as with producing weapons.
At the end she yield to the family's arguments not to jeopardize the monopoly position of the Simson company, national and international.
In November 1918 there was a mass demonstration of the workers of the Simson company to give them a certain share of the business regarding the profit due to
the business of war.
As a result the family payed 1.000.000 (million) Reichsmark (Wiki).

-- end of page 3 --
I tried my very best.
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