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Submitted by Feige Elka Stern

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 1/16/2013 4:24 PM
Family Surname: Springmann, Teichmann
Country: Germany
Town: Wurzburg
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I would appreciate if someone would help me translate this document that I just received from the archives in Wurzburg.
I can see that it is about Anna Springmann, but can't read what it says.

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On  Response 
1/18/2013 5:31 AM This image gives the birthplace of Anna Teichmann as Rokitno near Lemberg/Galizien and her birthdate as March 24, 1861. In the left margin below it gives her parents as Bernhard Teichmann, Handelsmann, (Trader, merchant, small shopowner etc.) and her mother as Sara Herrmann in Dresden.
In the text it says that she sold her business to a certain Katzenberger on February 28, 1912 and it says in the right margin she came to Wuerzburg running the business but her permanent residence was in Aschaffenburg.
The other document about her son Josef also states once her address in Wuerzburg, but also says that he had left for New York. While he was in Wuerzburg he learned in a business (which was usual in Germany) the trade of Dekorateur (Dekorateurlehrling) which means he learned to dress shop windows or learn how to paint signs etc. while at the same time probably once or twice a week had to attend a qualified polytechnical school for that trade.
1/18/2013 2:05 PM [Written with pencil:]1929 a. R
[Written obliquely with pencil:] Karte
Zu- u. Vorname
[Written with pencil:]+ 28 XV 24
geboren zu
am 24. III. 61.
Religion mos.
Tag der Ankunft
von Aschaffenburg
Vater Bernhard
Stand Handelsmann.
Mutter Sara
in Dresden
Inhaber von
Kap. Stan.
Stand oder Gewerbe
No 102
Meldet ab:
Schuhe Geschäft.
Ging an
Leo Katzenberger
über. 28.II.12
Blumenmarkt 10 bei
Gries / 8.I.06
Markt 3
b/ Schmitt 12.VII.11
Markt 10 II
abgem. 25.II.15
Marktplatz 15
b/ Dr. Seibold 2 III 15
n./ Gießen; abg. 14.8.17
(4 Wch.)
v. dt. kd. [von dort kommend]
Markt 15,
[struck out:
ang. 8. X. 17
abgem. 25.11.18]
Amt Galizien
lt. H. Sch.
d. d. Lemberg
No 6809/900
Zweck des
Betreibt hier
eine Filiale
s. innen.
Ständiger Wohn-
sitz ist Aschaffen-
Dauer des
Aufenth. Z. z. Erl. eines
Reisepasses; 9.XII.19.
Würzburg, am
Anna Springmann
Erhielt eine
No 274/1919


[I don't know what the penciled note at the top means.]
[died] 28 November 1924
Springmann, Anna, born in Rokitno 24 March 1861, religion: Jewish
Day of arrival: 8 Jan. 1906, coming from Aschaffenburg
Father Bernhard Teichmann, merchant
Mother Sara nee Herrmann [living] in Dresden
Military service: [no entry]
Decorations received: [I don't know what the appreviation Kap. Stan, stands for, not even if it actually refers to a decoration.]
Occupation: merchant of goods.
[I dont' know what number 102 refers to.]
notified the abandonment [of business] Shoe store, was taken over by Leo Katzenberger, 28 February 1912. Now a pensioner. 28. Febr. 1912.
Residence: Blumenmarkt 10 c/o Gries [from] 8 Jan. 1906
Markt 3 c/o Schmitt [from] 12. July 1911
Markt 10, second floor, from 4 Nov. 1911, notified that she moved out on 25 Feb. 1915
Marktplatz 15, c/o Dr. Seibold, [from] 2 March 1915
notified that she moved to Giesen 14 Aug. 1917 (4 weeks)
coming from there: Markt 15
[struck out:
notified moved in. 8 Dec. 1917
notified moved out 25. Nov. 1918]
Place of origin: Lemberg, Galicia according to certification of place of origin of 28 Jan. 1900 number 6809/900.
Purpose of stay: managing a [retail] branch, see inside [of the document.]
Intended lenght of stay: undefined
Sojounrned for the purpose of obtaining a passport: 9 Dec. 1919.
Anna Springmann
obtained a residence permit number 274/1919

The City of Würzburg kept for each houshold a sheet (Bogen) and a card (Karte), The "Bogen" is a four-page folded sheet of A4 size, and the card is a single A4 sheet. It appears that this is the first page of the "Bogen", whereas VM25571 is the "Karte". The penciled note "Karte" on this document may refer to the fact that there is also a Karte for the same household. VM25571 goes until 1906, and this document starts at 1906.
Residents had (and still have) to notify the city authorities of their establishment in the city and each time they moved from one address to another.
The second floor in European usage corresponds to the third florr in American usage.
The place of origin (Heimatort), not necessily the place of birth, is the place where a citizen had certain lifetime rights of citizenship.

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