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Submitted by Michael Shade

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Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 1/9/2013 3:05 PM
Family Surname: Lefschitz, Leff
Country: Belarus
Town: Mogilev (?), London
Date of Image: 1905
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Postcard sent by Samuel Lefschitz aged 17, from London to his family in Mogilev (?). On reverse is studio photo of Sam and another man, unknown, who looks a few years older. Text hand-written top and bottom of card in Russian, and along both sides in Hebrew characters (Yiddish?). Most written in Sam's hand, one short paragraph in another hand, probably by the other man.

Ink-stains obscure some parts of text but most should be legible. Sam sends greetings to his brother Benyamin and four sisters, some of whose names do not appear to correspond with the anglicised names known to the family.

Full translation of both Russian and Hebrew texts would be appreciated.

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On  Response 
1/10/2013 5:32 AM Top in Russian: For eternal memory of my love, appreciation, respect, connection to you my dear parents, I send you this small creation of man. Your ..(obscured) son Samuel... London 1905
Bottom in Russian: For memory to my parents and the whole family. (Last word illegible)
In the middle in Russian upside down:For best memories of brotherly love to you my dear brother Benyamin and dear sisters Basia, Ita, Haya and Sim..(obscured) from your loving brother Samuel March 28, 1905
Left in Yiddish: For eternal memory to my most beloved parents from your most beloved son Shmuel Lifshitz London March 28,1905
Right in Yiddish:For good memories of a brother to my beloved brother Benyamin and beloved sisters Basia, Ita, Haya and Simha. Your brother Shmuel Lifshitz March 28,1905
1/10/2013 9:22 AM Some additions:
Top in Russian:........ I send you this (small or nice : malen'koe or milen'koe) creation of man hands. .....
your eternal loving son Samuel Lifshitz.
Bottom: last word: Lifshitz
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