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Submitted by Brian Lehman

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 1/6/2013 4:23 PM
Family Surname: ?
Country: Germany
Town: Münzesheim
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I would appreciate a translation of the four names I combined into one attachment.
I hope its legible and apologize for the quality.
The four names are all for the same woman,
Hanna, born (this name), and are from her children's birth and marriage records.
The dates of each name in order are 1814,1817,1834 and 1843.
On the records, Hanna has the same husband, Abraham, and there's no other information on Hanna's parents.
I would appreciate any assistance in deciphering
Hanna's maiden name.
Thank You.

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On  Response 
1/6/2013 6:56 PM löser / löser / Rusel or Kusel / Leser
"Leser" could be an alternative spelling of "Löser", because "o"-umlaut is pronounced in many German dialects the same like "e". Note that Yiddish has "e" where Standard German has "ö".
The first letter of the third name has an unusual shape. See if you can find a letter with the same shape somewhere else on the document. It is a good idea to post the whole or a large portion of a document so that one can compare letters in different words, although with capital letters it is less useful because they are rarer.
Everything is in old German script.
1/8/2013 7:19 AM I agree with the previous responder, 3 Löser's and 1 Rüsel or Küsel - but it could be an initial L if it was written badly.

Don't apologize for the legibility - it is the reality of genealogy.
1/8/2013 1:45 PM I read the names as:
(1) lößer (ß = ss)
(2) Löser
(3) Kusel
(4) Leser
Both names were popular in south-west Germany
1, 2 and 4 are different spelings of the same name
3 Kusel (sometimes in other documents spelt Kißl, Kisel, Küssel)
renate Rosenau, Alzey, Germany
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1/9/2013 12:35 PM The lady seems to be called Hanna Lehes in the last example, but isn't sure how to spell it. So the first three versions are Loe(o umlaut) twice and
'Lae(a umlaut)hes, once. Presumably she just knew what it sounded like.
Eva Lawrence.
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