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Submitted by Thomas Fuerth

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Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 12/23/2012 4:42 PM
Family Surname: Pollak and Engel
Country: Czech Republic
Town: Morina birth record
Date of Image: 1839
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This is the birth record of Rosalie daughter of Josef Pollak and Ludmilla nee Engel. I want help with the interpretation of the old German script know all that you could read. I read German but have difficulties with the old script.

It seems as there is a story in the last column worth knowing. And what is the name of the place where Rosalie was born

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On  Response 
12/28/2012 6:17 AM The writing is fine, but the solution of the scan should be sharper in order to decipher everything. Could you scan it again separately the left and the right page?
12/28/2012 7:44 AM The place were "Rosalia" was born and were here father "Joseph Pollak" lived is given as "Pautschnik" no 5, which very very likely refers to todays Poučník".
The last column is the declaration of the father to acknowledge the paternity.
The birth of the daugther is listed as "illegitimate", because very likely the marriage of her parents was not registered in the civil records.

The father of "Joseph Pollak" "Abraham?" Pollak came from another place I can not decipher

Ludmilla [Zagl?] like her father came from "Libomischel" Libomyšl
her mother Sara from "Malkow" Málkov

12/28/2012 10:21 AM I was impossible to read this image, because the resolution is far too low. However, I could find the original scan at the Badatelna web site. screenshots from web sites.

Here is my reading:

Karlstein am
6.ten Febr. 1840

8. Julu 1839

Herrschaft Karlstein
Berauner Kreis

22ten Juli 1839
Pautschnick Nro. Co. 5.
Rosalia [weiblich]

Josepf Pollak
Pechter in
Nro. Co. 5
Sohn des aber-
aham Pollak
aus Bjechtschin
Nro. Co. 45

Ludmila Engl
Tochter des Markus
Engl aus Libomi
schel Nr. Co. "
und ihre Mutter
Sara geborene
Hecht aus Malkow
Nr. Co.
Daß dieser der
wahre Name
der Mutter sey,
wird von den

aus Bud-
Nr. Co


der als Vater
den mitgefertigten
Zeugen wohlbekannte
Josepf Pollak, hat
sich in Gegenwart
derseben und des
als solcher bekannt,
was durch seine
bestätigt wird.
Josepf Pollak
flus haus pechter [Flusshauspächter]
in Pauts[c]hnik
und hat die
Seines namens
als Vatter Ver-
langt Josepf P[??]
aus Bierschin [= Běřín]
Familiand in
Großmorin No C
III in Großmorin
Markus [??]
nr. Co. 17
in Großmorzin
als Zeugen


You can find most of the localities mentioned in the book:
Vollständiger Umriss einer statistischen Topographie des Königreichs Böhmen, Volume 3:
Vollständiger Umriss einer Topographie des berauner Kreises im Königreiche Böhmen, by Wenzel M. Streinz.
The book has interesting information about this region, with an index of place names at the end.
Google books:

Pautschnick is Poučnik, Karlštejn, Středočeský Kraj
Libomischel is Libomyšl, Středočeský Kraj
Biechtschin is Běštín
Bierschin is Běřín, 262 23 Jince, Czech Republic

Grossmorin is an alternative spelling of Grossmorzin (= Mořina).

Familiant is a Jew who has the right of residency in Bohemia, similar to a Schutzjude in Germany.

Obrigkeitlicher Pottaschenhauspächter: The production of potash from burned wood was a privilege that had to be licenced by the govenrment. See:
Systematische Darstellung der in Betreff der Juden in Mähren und im k. K. Antheile Schlesiens erlassenen Gesetze und Verordnungen
by Hieronymus von Scari, 1835, pages 117-118
Google Books:
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