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Submitted by Carole Garbuny Vogel

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 12/16/2012 3:56 PM
Family Surname: Buchbinder, Joseph, Goetzl, Schischa
Country: Austria
Town: Mattersdorf
Date of Image: 1764
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This list shows house ownership transference. It shows inheritance from either the father or father-in-law or a sale of the property. I want to make sure that I am translating all the words properly.


The people involved are:
Mayer Moyses Fushsel? and Fridrich Abraham and widow Sara Buchbinder,

Abel Joseph (and his wife) Lea, Hirschl Hann
Jakob Goetzl and his wife) Hanna, Simon Neufelder, Asron Marx Lebl (it looks like this house was purchased)

Rueben Isac Beer (and his wife) Leas... Jakob Elias (looks like a purchase)

Schai Samue; Lebel.. Kusel Salamon (and his wife) Hanna

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On  Response 
12/22/2012 1:49 AM This legalese idiom is not very clear (it works with catchwords)

As I understand it, [not sure about every word, but pretty sure about the main happenings]

50: Mayer Moyses inherits it after the death of his mother Sara Buchbindter[in]
61: Abel Joseph and Lea get 2/4 of the small house of her father Hirsche Hana as a wedding gift and for the payment of 100 R liability [transfer?]
64: Jacob Götzl and Hanna bought 3/8 of the small house from Aaron Marx Lebl for the payment of 230 R
70: Rueben Isac Peer and Lea bought 1/8 of the small house from Jacob Elias for the payment of 900 R
36: Sch[a]j Samuel Lebel inherits 1/8 of the dwelling from Samel Lebel [interestingly here we have a free space for an amount]

All mentioned other names are the neighbours of the corresponding houses. OR they are the people who bought/inherited another part of the house.
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