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Submitted by Florence Broder

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 12/9/2012 4:03 PM
Family Surname: RINDNER
Country: Romania
Town: Czernowitz
Date of Image: April 2, 1904
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This is the birth certificate of Fani Rindner (Entry #180). Looking for a complete translation of the German into English.

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On  Response 
12/14/2012 8:32 AM For the headings, see here:
except for the title of column 3, which translates as circumcision or namegiving.

1. 180
2. 2 April 1904 Czernowiz Russischegasse [=Russian Street] 59
3. 3 April 1904 Czernowiz Privat-Bethaus [=Private Prayer House]
4. Fanni, female
5. ligitimate
6. Fischel Rindner, verheiratet, Privatlehre[r], wohnhaft in Czeronwitz, angeblich ehelicher Sohn des Chaim Rindner und der Sara
Fischel Rindner, married, private teacher, residing in Czeronwitz, supposedly legitimate Sohn of Chaim Rindner and Sara
7. Chana Rindner, verheiratet, angeblich eheliche Tochter des Mechel Rottenstreich und der Ruchel Brecher
Chana Rindner, married, supposedly legitimate daughter of Mechel Rottenstreich and Ruchel Brecher
8. Marie Berger, Chaim Meier Sinekowi[??]
10. Marie Berger
11. Eheleute Trauungsscheines der Matrikenf├╝hrung in Potok Zloty dito 22 September 1904 No. 19
married according to wedding certificae from the registry of Potok Zloty from 22 September 1904 No. 19 [this is probably the date of marriage.]
12/17/2012 7:24 AM My conjecture is that the parents were originally married under the Chuppa but that their marriage was not registered by the civil authorities until 22 September 1904. Still there is something stange about the record, because it was apparently registered right after the birth as it is in the correct order within the registry (the next birth number 181 occurred 3 days later), and the entry "ehelich" (legitimate) was done right away. Maybe the entry in column 12 was added at a later date, or the date is wrong. In any case, it woud be good if one could find the marriage registration from Potok Zloty. AS
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