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Submitted by Tomer Raivit

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Category: Photo Identification
Approval Date: 12/2/2012 4:24 PM
Family Surname: Reiwith, Neumann, Scherk
Country: Germany
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This is a photo of an oil painting that my grandfather's family brought from Germany.
According to my grandfather it was very old and the person in the portrait was unknown even when he was a child (he is 91 years old now).

It could be either from Posen(Poznan) or Kaukehmenn (kukerneese)/Tilsit/Memel Area (former east prussia). I don't know exactly.
There is some facial resemblance to our family, so the person in the portrait should be an ancestor.

I do not have details regarding the painter, the signature wasn't readable and had faded away when i last saw it. It was taken to professional restoration artists at some point 30 years ago, and they too could not identify it for certain. they did state that they believe it to be the work of a famous German painter (unfortunately no one in my family remembers the exact details).
The painting was stolen from my parents' house in 2004.
I will appreciate any kind of response.

Thank you in advance,

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On  Response 
12/6/2012 12:21 AM I asked a friend who studied art and has got an art gallery. He said it must be an expert for old masters who takes a look at it. Big museums have such a service. But at the internet pages of the "Old pinakothek" in Munich they say they need the original and cannot judge by photos only. Although I doubt it, perhaps it is different with one of the big museums at Berlin. (Perhaps they would take a look at the photo when you explain the problems in this certain case)

In any case you should register your painting in a Lost Art Registry. Like this it would be more difficult to sell it and it is a bit more likely you could get it back.

Good luck!
12/6/2012 3:02 AM Thank you for your response. I took your advice and registered the painting at the Lost Art Registry.
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