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Submitted by Craig David Rosen

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 11/25/2012 1:58 PM
Family Surname: Rosen, Seeliger
Country: USA
Date of Image: 1954
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SIDE 2-This letter is between my grandmother (in Philadelphia) and someone that settled in L.A. after the war. Please translate this, and the other side which will be scanned. Also, please include name of possible. Thanks

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On  Response 
11/27/2012 3:30 AM here she writes to "l.Friedel" -dear Friedel (Frieda).
A Heinz is mentioned in the text.
11/29/2012 11:00 PM 24997
...ich Dir von ganzem Herzen. Wie fühlt Ihr Euch in Eurem neuen Haus ? Es ist gewiss schön, etwas Eigenes zu besitzen und Friedel und Heinz werden es schon gemütlich für Dich machen, dass Du Dich erholst und die Ruhe geniesst. Musst Du auch zum Arzt? Frau Vandemann fragte mich an , wie es Dir geht, ich konnte ihr leider keine Auskunft geben, vielleicht schreibst Du ihr mal, sie ist wirklich so anhänglich. Was machen Deine Eltern, l. Friedel, ich war sehr froh, dass sie bei Dir waren. Grüße sie bitte und ich wünsche ihnen und Euch Allen das Beste vom Besten für das neue Jahr !
Von Margot hörte ich, dass sie die Suche mit Dr Neumann wieder aufgenommen hat, Du kannst ihr wohl die Suche überlassen, es würde Dich zu sehr anstrengen. Ich habe keine Ahnung, wie weit die Suche gediehen ist. So, schreibt bitte wieder, nochmals gute Erholung und tausend Grüße für Euch Alle, auch an Günther. Eure Tante Martha
… you from all my heart. How do you feel in your own new house? It certainly is beautiful to have something of one's own and Friedel and Heinz will make it comfortable for you, that you recover and enjoy the rest. Do you also have to go to the doctor? Mrs Vandemann asked me how you were doing, I unfortunately could not give any information, perhaps you write her once , she really is very affectionate. What do your parents do, dear Friedel, I was that glad that they were at yours. Please greet them and I wish you and all of you the best of the best for the new year.
From Margot I heard that she again started the search for Dr Neumann, you can leave the search to her, it would be too tiring for you. I do not have any idea how far the search actually is.
So, write again please, again a good recovery and thousand greetings for all of you, also to Günther. Your aunt Martha.
11/30/2012 7:58 AM I have just one concern with OV's translation:
die Sache mit Dr Neumann (not Suche) = the matter about Dr Neumann. This word occurs twice more.
All instances of the letter "u" have a hook on top. On the other hand, the "a" is often written in a slppy way, look for example at the word "hat" at the end of the next line. Also, "the search for Dr Neumann" would be "die Suche nach Dr Neumann", "Die Suche mit Dr Neumann" does not make sense.
I think that this is important because else you might think that Dr Neumann had somehow disappeared, which is not the case. There is something else going on with him that we don't know but maybe could find out if we have more letters. AS
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