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Submitted by Ruth Frank

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 11/14/2012 4:11 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Germany
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I would like to know the information on this document please.

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11/16/2012 4:26 PM My German is quite limited, but I hope that what follows next will help you a little bit.

German town of Meseritz is now Polish town of Miedzyrzecz, in western Poland (in Lubuskie region/voivodeship).

[Below is the transcription of the document:]

Das Amtsgericht
3812 E 2

Meseritz, den 4. Februar 1937
Fernruf 317

In dem hiesigen Sterberegister der Juden, das die Jahre 1847 bis 1874 umfasst,
ist nur der Tod des am 5.11.1858 im Alter von 39 Jahren verstorbenen Schneidermeisters
Simon Deutschkron beurkundet. Ob dieser verheiratet war u. wie seinde Ehefrau heisst,
geht aus dem register nicht hervor.

Weiterhin gab es in Betsche eine Familie
Hirsch Deutschkron und
Leiser Deutschkron

Uebersandt wird Ihnen beifolgend die Geburstsurkunde des Simon Benjamin Deutschkron
(Nr.1/1818) aus der hervorgeht, das Benjamin Simon Deutschkron u. Marie geb. Hirsch
Eheleute waren. Weitere Unkunden sind nicht vorhanden.

gez. Schmidt

Gebuehr fuer Erteilung des Registerauszuges 0,60 RM
Porto 0,12 RM
0,72 RM

0,72 RM. in Briefmarken folgen anbei zurueck.


Frau Clara Deutschkron geb. Hausmann (???)
Uhlandstr. 69 v.11

[Here is the translation, unfortunately it comes mostly from an automatic translator, with some updates from my part. Nonetheless, I believe it gives you an idea what is the document about. Hope that helps]

The district court
3812 E 2

Meseritz [Miedzyrzecz], 4 February 1937
Remote call[???] 317

In the local register of deaths of Jews, which covers the years 1847 to 1874, only a death on the 11.05.1858 at the age of 39 years of master tailor Simon Deutschkron is notarized. Whether this means and how his wife's name was, is not apparent from the register.

Furthermore, there was a family in Betsche [today Pszczew in Poland, near Miedzyrzecz]
Hirsch and Deutschkron
Leiser Deutschkron

Sent to you in the following births certificates of Simon Benjamin Deutschkron
(Nr.1/1818) stating that Deutschkron Benjamin Simon and Marie born Hirsch were spouses. Other documents are not available.

signed Schmidt
Justice inspector

Cost accounting.
Fee for issuance of the extract from the Register
RM 0.60
RM 0.12 postage
RM 0.72

RM 0.72. in stamps follow back attached.


Mrs. Clara Deutschkron born Hausmann (?)
Uhlandstr. 69 v.11
11/16/2012 6:48 PM Fernruf = telephone
beurkundet = (in this context) documented
Ob dieser verheiratet war = whether he was married

The family in Betsche consisted of Hirsch Deutschkron and Leiser Deutschkron

Justizangestelleter = court employee

Notice also the European date format: the death date is 11 May 1858.
11/17/2012 7:28 AM To the person who commented my post: thank you very much for updating my translation. It makes more sense now.

With all the respect, I can not agree with you on that 5.11.1858 means 11 May 1858 in European format. I have been living in Europe since I was born and the only formats of date used here are either DMY or YMD (where D=day, M=month, Y=year). The format that you mention (MDY) is used in North America, but not in Europe.

Therefore, 5.11.1858 simply means 5 November 1858.
11/17/2012 11:37 AM To the preious poster:
My mistake, I apologize, of course 5.11.1858 is 5 November 1858.
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