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Submitted by Jean-Michel Assan

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 11/7/2012 6:15 PM
Family Surname: Levy & Dreyfus
Country: Germany
Town: Breisach
Date of Image: 6-10-2012
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now I received this message from the german archives of Freiburg, I suppose. what does it mean ?
thank you again for your help
JM Assan

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On  Response 
11/8/2012 7:27 AM Dear Mr. Assan,
The State Archives Freiburg do not conduct family history research as part of their communication activities. Rather, this must be left to the interested parties themselves or their representatives. As far as the place of origin is a locality in southern Baden, the staff at the reading room of the State Archives (opening times: see below) will give recommendations and point to the documents that might be relevant for research. The registry books (duplicates of the church books) of communities in southern Baden with information on births, marriages, and deaths are available for the period of 1810-1870. These have been photographed and are available on the Internet in their entirety ( You can search for your ancestors yourself in the scanned originals and print the pages in question.
The civil registry book for Breisach from 1832 (shelf number: L 10 Nr 466) that is relevant for your research can be found under the following address:

For entries from the period before 1810, we recommend a request to the Archdiocesan Archives Freiburg (PO Box, 79095 Freiburg, e-mail: or the Archives of the Evangelische Landeskirche in Baden (Blumenstraße 1, 76133 Karlsruhe, e-mail:
For civil registation entries from the period after 1870 you should contact the respective municipality or city administration.
Under the address you will find genealogists who conduct family history research for a fee.
With kind regards,
Jochen Rees
Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg Staatsarchiv Freiburg
-Jochen Rees-
79089 Freiburg
Tel.: 0761-38060-0
Fax. 0761/38060-13

My notes:
The scans of the Freiburg BMD records under the address given above are Catholic and Jewish records interspersed. To navigate through the records, go to "Bildauswahl" and then set "Bilder pro Seite" to 50. This way you can find the title pages for the various sections.
11/18/2012 10:20 PM this a direct translation it read a little strange

Objet: Archive useDate: mardi 6 rue 2012 08: 47 PMDe: Jochen Rees Ã: Jean-Michel Assan Dear Mr. assan,the State archives in Freiburg cannot within its information activities and services familienge-in research. This must be rather interested parties or theirBe representative even left. As far as an origin from a place in Südbaderis known to be at the consultation in the reading room of the State Archives (opening hours: s. u.)Called stocks, which might come for research into account. TheStand books (copies of parish registers) the South Baden communities withInformation on births, marriages and deaths are for the period of1810-1870 before. These are filmed and entirely in the Internet can be viewed ( You can go there in dscanned originals even locate your ancestors and to the entsprechendıPrint out the pages.The relevant for your research level book of Breisach from 1832(Signature: 10 L No. 466) find at the following address: https://www2.landesarchiv-bw.:ofs21/bild_zoom/thumbnails.php?was = 10028 & id = 2239900 & syssuche = Breisach & |ogik = ORFor entries from before 1810, we recommend you a request to the ErzbischöflicArchive of Freiburg (mailbox, 79095 Freiburg, E-Mail: bito the archives of the Evangelical State Church in Baden (Blumenstraße 1, 76133 KarlsruhıE-Mail: State records from the period after 1870, you would need on the respective community tContact City Council.Under the address find www.berufsgenea|ogie.nethttp://www.berufsgenea| You genealogists who do family history research fee.With kind regardsJochen ReesLandesarchiv Baden-WürttembergState Archives of Freiburg-Jochen Rees-Colombistr. 4Tflflflfl e. ¬. ¦i¬. . H.
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