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Submitted by Rose Miriam Raymen

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 11/4/2012 4:13 PM
Family Surname: Zajac
Country: Poland
Town: Wroclaw
Date of Image: 1957
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I wish to have the document translated.

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On  Response 
11/13/2012 10:40 AM Wroclaw, 3 June 1957

The Regional Militia Department in Wroclaw
Foreign Passports Office

Zajac Roman
Zajac Klara
address: Wroclaw, ul. Rodakowskiego 1 m 2
(Rodakowski's Street, House no.1, Flat 2)

For the authorization for a permanent departure to Australia.

I, Roman Zajac, the son of Janas and Gustawa Sternfeld, and Klara Zajac, born
Henkel, are asking for a permission for permanent departure to Australia,
along with our children, minor Ewa Zajac and minor Danuta Zajac.

Both myself and my wife have the closest family abroad.
My oldest sister, Helen Lasher born Sternfeld Hinda - Laja,
daughter of Janas and Gustawa has been living in Australia in the city
of Melbourne, ul. (Street) Rid Flat 14, St. Kilda 632 0 SC.3.
I would like to mention that my whole family who lived in Poland
is dead, my brother Maurycy Sternfeld lives in France and my sister
(lives) in Australia.
I would like to connect to my family and for these reasons I'm going to
leave (Poland) permanently.
My sister Helena Lasher informed me also that she would like
me to arrive at her (place) permanently, along with my family, i.e. with my wife
and children. My sister has been writing for a long time in her letters to us
that all of us ought to settle at her place, and that she provides us with the
sufficient conditions for self-maintenance(?) and work.
My sister recently informed me that the Australian authorities have given her
permit for bringing just my family for permanent residence in Australia.

For all these reasons we ask for a permit for permanent

Attached to this request are:
1. Passport questionnaires - 4 copies
2. Copy of birth certificate for original surname of birth Sternfeld Abram-Szyja
3. Copy of the document of changing the surname to Zajac
4. Birth certificate of Klara Henkel
5. Extract of the act of marriage - in original (language)
6. Copy of acts of birth of children, Ewa and Danuta
7. Three passport size photographs of each person.
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