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Submitted by Michael Moritz

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 11/11/2012 4:00 PM
Family Surname: Hirschmann
Country: Hungary
Town: Csongrad
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Looking for a translation from Hungarian to English of this article, thanks! Trying to find out if this is my ancestor Benjamin Hirschmann mentioned.

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9/13/2012 1:32 PM Hello Michael,

Just as a short answer to your question....In the Jewish community of Csongrad, there was an elderly loyal/faithful gentleman, who was known as Uncle Jomen. His legal name was Benjamin Hirschmann.

I am not sure if the name of Jomen might have been a descriptive and more familiar nickname. Perhaps someone else can come up with that information....Jo
9/19/2012 2:12 AM Hello Michael,

Yes, this article is about Benjamin Hirschmann. Here's a general translation of the first nine lines, which is all I can do for you at this time.

"For more than half a century/50 years, he served the congreation with his rich voice......serving in two capacities as both the secondary cantor
and "shames"/sexton......He was also a father and raised a very fine son.

I'll try to get back to translate some more of this for you if I can. Perhaps someone else may also be able to help.....Jo
11/12/2012 2:42 PM The article is about one Benjamin Hirschmann, known as "Uncle Jomen" (which is possibly a Yiddish diminutive of Benjamin, but I'm not at all certain of this; in any case, it doesn't mean anything in Hungarian). He was the secondary cantor and the sexton of the Jewish congregation in Csongrád, and had multiple sons, but the article doesn't say how many, or their names, or his wife's name, or anything else related to his family. The only genealogically relevant thing it mentions is that Uncle Jomen died in the Jewish hospital in Pest, and his funeral was therefore in Pest. A bunch of notables from the Csongrád congregation showed up, but they didn't have time to secure permission for a non-local to speak at the funeral, and his eulogy was therefore rudely interrupted and not permitted to proceed. (It's all told in a distinctive, vaguely sarcastic, pseudo-humorous style.)
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