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Submitted by Dalya Dektor

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 6/20/2012 4:10 PM
Family Surname: Weintraub/Spindel
Country: Ukraine
Town: Bolszowce
Date of Image: 1901
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This birth record of Cypre (parents Salamon Weintraub recte Spindel and Malka Teichberg Neuman is in German and Polish. I have indicated on the page what I know or infer. Please send me a direct translation of col 5. What are the words under the name of the father in col 6?
What are the words under the mother's name in col 7 - is it directly "daughter of'? Is the father Sissmanna Teichberg or Serel Neuman and what his or her occupation?
What are the words above the signature of Salamon Weintraub in Col 12.

I can send you a larger size if needed, or the scan of the original page.
Thank you.

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On  Response 
6/6/2012 3:01 AM Column 5 records the marital status of the parents( ie the legitimacy of the birth). I think it is written in Polish.
Column 6 is the fathers name, written in Polish.
Column 7 is the mother's name, which I read as Malka Neuman, daughter of Sissmana? Teichberg & Serel Neuman, dealer in Bolszwce.

Column 8 is a witness, Josel Stiefel?
Column 9 is the mohel (blank for a girl)
Column 10 is the hebamme (midwife), Jonte Davidsberg.
6/6/2012 3:37 PM I go ith the first responder, especially regarding the mother and the mothers family. Wondering whether you got the idea of "Chaje Beile" from this page, because I do not see something similar.

In column 6 we have Salamon Weintraub recte Spindel handel (then follow words in another language)

The latin word "recte" usually is used to correct the last word and replace it with the next. But then it is often set in brackets. Not seeing whether there is a last sign after Spindel, there could be different possibilities.
The correct name of Salamon Weintraub is Spindel or Spindelhandel.
Or: The name is Salamon Weintraub, and the occupation is to trade spindles
(in this case the "recte" is used in a way I do not know of, or by somebody who was not sure how to use it. But I do not think if it really should be a correction one would use only the "wrong" name in column 12.) (I would think that is the signature and one wouldn`t sign with the wrong name, would one? The words before are in another language.)
6/22/2012 7:52 PM My suspicion is that there is disagreement of the surname of Salomon because his birth was considered illigitimate. His father was Weintraub and his mother Sichel, so officially his surname was Spindel, but he didn't care and signed as Weintraub anyway. This is a common phenomenon in Austro-Hungarian marriages of the time where the parents did not bother to register their marriage with the civil authorities, so the children got the surname of the mother.
Weintraub, correctly Spindel, handel = German Handelsmann = merchant. I cannot read the Polish that follows.
6/23/2012 8:08 AM Correction of my previous post: I meant
"His father was Weintraub and his mother Spindel"
Sorry about this.

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