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Submitted by Natan Braines Briness

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 12/9/2012 3:56 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Germany
Town: Pegnitz
Date of Image: 1947
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This letter was send by my mother to her sister in Israel, after WW-II, from Pegnitz (Near munich) or from a DP camp at the same area.

Following is page 2 of the letter.
Thanks in advance.

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On  Response 
12/16/2012 1:02 PM My dearest,
I do not know why I have not yet reponded for your

last letter. Maybe it's because my colleauge is

preparing for her trip and I do not know when I will

be. It's badly that I did not took myself with you. I

would be already at the destination. It's all because

of my indecisio, I would have been victorius if I had

listened to Chilek. Now it's not that easy to leave.

You are asking about certificates matter. It's not

that good for me, I was not a fa cat in any

organization, and we don't have enough money to buy

them. I am not complaining, G-d forbid. May it be in

Plaestine not worse than it's here. But we still

can't afford that luxury. It's now very hard to leave

like you left, not only because of baby. Generally

they are making it all more difficult. Who...

Nowadays you can't even go to Cyprus. Newspapers are

reporting that a groupe on the route was discovered.

There are investigations held. It's grimly. Who knows

when we will see each other? One thing that

consolates me is that, thank G-d, remains of our

family reached the goal. Maybe I am just too negative

about it. Maybe they will be able to come to

agreement during the conference, therefore my case

would also be solved. Ultimately, I think that we

will finally receive these promised certificates,

than for the sake of baby I will get one. My beloved

(people to whom letter was sent) I wish you all the

best in our beloved land, I hope that I will be given

the opportunity to rejoice with my beloved ones in

land of our forefathers. The only and most fervent

wish of my heart is raising my son in Palestine to

become upright son of Jewish Nation. You are writing

that you would love to see him, I understand you. I

assure you you that if you knew him you wouldnt be

able to leave him for a day. I was yesterday in

jewish theater in Bayreuth. Chilek stayed at home,

because we are not leaving our boy with girl (no

matter how much she loves him, she is German and we

do not trust her). I was thinking whether G-d knows

anything happened, I am missing my sweet opressor so

much when I'm living home for a moment. Have you

received photos of my baby that I sent to you? What

do you think about them? Isn't he lovely? And now, if

you could only see my baby in home, when he's

playing,romping. He is babbling, he's saying

"ta..ta..ta" (from tata- father) or ""

(letter author thinks that's from babcia-

grandmother) which (grandmother) he will never see.

Hers (grandmothers) only wish was live till that

joyful moment of becoming grandmother. It was not

given us- to enjoy one because of happines of the

other. I want very much to raise my son in Palestine.

If it won't be possible to leave together, if G-d

allows, and baby will grow up I will send him with

Kids Aliyah. It's my decision for situation where

there will be no other option. Chilek does not mind

(he's not against it). But it's plan for situation

when I have to, G-d forbid, stay here, plan for few

years. I hope that soon we will be together,

sometimes only, these bad thoughts are in people

mind, especially when you are in Germany, hated by

pure Aryans (punish them G-d) that are step by step

concluding that they sheded not enough of our blood.

Soon it will be mirthlessly here. Fuhrer taught them

a lesson, and left dignified successors. I want to

join you, no matter what will be our financial

(material) situation. We will earn our bread and

nobody will tell me "you damn Jew". My beloved, time

is passing, but I am regretting every lost hour and

12/16/2012 1:05 PM PART II

Now, enough of philosophy, it's not proper for me.

Finally it's that bad. I have beloved husband that's

making my life easier and son that's making my life

sweeter (well not now, now he's crying and he's not

letting me to finish that letter). He wants his mammy

to play with him all the time. He is very spiled and

sociable, he wants to play with him all the time,

than (he) is...

I am not professional translator so it might be hard to understand. I am native Polish speaker and I used doctionary, my own skills and English knowledge and google translate.
If you have any doubts or problems with understanding feel free to contact me.
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