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Submitted by Judi Debra Temple

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 8/24/2011 5:07 PM
Family Surname: Elkies
Country: Poland
Town: Bialystok
Date of Image: 1874
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This is the second of four images relating to a death record indexed in JRI-Poland as being for Gerz Elkies' Death. The records were written in cyrillic on the left and Hebrew on the right side of the page. This is the cyrillic detail. I would like a full translation of all of the information pertaining to record 186M in this image. I provide the page header as some info such as month is reflected at the top. I later realized that the third column is written totally down the page column. I believe this could be where he died and/or were buried. I don't have a full page scan. Please try to piece together the info from the header and detail images and let me know if I need to get another full page scan. Also want to ultimately know if either side has more info than the other and which language (rather than both) is the best to post on later records - or if I should continue to post both. Thank you so much in advance! Judi

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On  Response 
8/24/2011 6:29 PM please note the Yiddish name Hirsh was written differently in different languages. i see you cite it as Gerz. in some languages the H is exchanged for a G. same name, no worries, the original is Hirsh which means deer - Hebrew would be Zvi.
8/24/2011 7:21 PM Thank you. What I wrote is what came off of the JRI-Poland index for the record, which is the only way I would recognize the record as possibly related. Not sure who translated the records to begin with. What would be the difference between Alkies, Alkes, Elkies and Olkies? I've seen all three and am wondering if the difference is just a matter of preference or actually different surnames. My family used Alkes, Elkes and Elkis here.
8/26/2011 7:38 PM Both images in Russian and Yiddish/ Hebrew say the following: “Gersh (Hirsh) son of Yitzchak (or Yitzchakovich) El’kes died on October 7th, Cheshvan 8th at the age of 75 from pneumonia.”

I am not sure, but after checking out Hebrew / Gregorian calendar converter, the date was written in an old style. Gersh probably died on October 7th / October 19th of 1874 (5635).
8/26/2011 9:13 PM I must add that it does say that Gersh was married, meaning not a widower. Nowhere on any of the images it mentions a year, place of birth or death.

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