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Submitted by Mark R Pressman

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Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 8/31/2011 4:15 PM
Family Surname: Jacobsen
Country: Denmark
Town: Assens
Date of Image: recent
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Assens, Denmark. I have several questions about the date and abbreviations I am not familiar with and do not appear in published list. First, the abbreviations.

1. On the upper right the first two Hebrew letters appear to be a caf and a hey כה. Could this stand for Cohane??
2. At the end of the Hebrew inscription after the date are 3 letters. They appear to be bet, hey, lamid בהל. Any ideas what this could mean?

Finally, the date itself. It is written תר שנת. This is equivalent to 600 – with the millennium 5000 = 5600 or 1841 in the Gregorian calendar. However, this date is followed by the abbreviation לפק. As I understand it, this abbreviation indicates the date does not include the millennium. So instead of inserting 2 characters “ ה to indicate the millennium, the stone carver instead inserted 3 characters to indicate this was left out. Any ideas? Perhaps just done to balance out the line?
Excellent photo by Tom Bronsted.

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8/24/2011 7:20 PM can't give any insight on the cohen or the last word on stone but re the date:
it is an established custom to write the year in this way. leaving out the heh for the millenium was not done to save space, it's just the way it is done traditionally. sometimes the date without the heh has the notation lamed peh kaf and sometimes no one bothers. more formal writing would include it, even though three letters are more than the one omitted. :)
8/26/2011 9:00 AM 1. The first two Hebrew letters Caf and a Hey כה are the abbreviation of Cvod HaRav–The honorable rabbi which is an honorific title.
2.The letters Bet, Hey, Lmed בהל might be the abbreviation for Beit Hillel or short for Behalacah – in the Jewish law.If you can read Hebrew use this link
8/29/2011 7:37 AM Complete translation of this headstone, line to line :

1) Here lies
2) the honorable M. Nathan, son of M. Jacog, may his memory be a blessing !
3) Died the 3rd day (= Tuesday) 17 Elul, and was buried the 6th day (= Friday) 20 Elul
4) of the year 600, according to the little count.
5)(Abbreviation for) The Death took him away for the eternity.

He died Tuesday 15 September 1840 and was buried Friday 18 September 1840.

The signification of the three Hebrew letters בהל is
בלע המות לנצח

Avraham MALTHETE, Paris, France.
8/31/2011 8:02 PM Lamed-Peh-Kof means the abbreviated form of the year, i.e., the number Heh = 5000 has been omitted.

(It seems to me self defeating. Retaining Heh = 5000 is more of an abbreviation than adding Lamed-Peh-Kof)

Often Lamed-Peh-Kof and Heh = 5000 are both omitted; a true abbreviation.
9/5/2011 1:28 PM The photograph is a bit to small to see clearly, but the father's name seems to be simply Yaakov, not "Jacog".

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