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Submitted by Brian Lehman

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 9/11/2011 5:38 PM
Family Surname: Schuster/Mendelowitz
Country: Austria
Town: Mielnica
Date of Image: 1893
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This is the marriage record for my GG Grandparents,who were married in Mielnica. They were married many years earlier and this probably represents a civil marriage.
I am requesting a repost in hopes of getting a translation of the words in the bride and grooms column,
David Moses Schuster, was he born or lived in Mielnica,next line is his occupation, shoemaker in Mielnica, then the address and parents names were what in Mielnica?
And the same type of thing for the bride, which seems more complicated.

Thanks again for any help offered.

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On  Response 
7/28/2011 3:11 AM I'm afraid this record is not proofing your expectations. It explicitely mentions that the bride was single (ledig = not married before); and both appear in the column for singles.

The age of the groom says 55 and for the bride it says 53 - which might suggest an earlier marriage, but this is not mentioned in any way.

David Moses Schuster was a shoemaker!

The record is signed by the rabbi (Aron Schreier of Mielnica), so there were probably no seperate civil and rabinical records.

8/2/2011 6:23 AM The groom's parents were Abraham and Frimma
The bride's parents were Elias and Malka.
9/15/2011 3:13 PM David Moses
Schuster geboren
in Mielnica , Schuster in
Mielnica [??] 360
Sohn der Eltern
Abrahan und Firma
verstorben in Mielnica

David Moses
Schuster born
in Mielnica, cobbler in
Mielnica [??] 360
son of the parents
Abrahan and Firma
deceased in Mielnica

[The word "Tochter" is crossed out, presumably it was a mistake of the clerk. The 360 could be the house number.]

Rachel Mend-
lowitz geboren
und Wohnhaft
in Mielnica [??] 360
ledig, Tochter der
verstorbenen Eltern
Elias und Malka
verstorben in

Rachle Mendlowitz born in
and resident of
Mielnica [??] 360
single, daughter of
the deceased Eltern
Elias and Malka
deceased in

[There is a tick in the column "ledig" (single) for the groom and the bride.]

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