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ViewMate Posting VM 19497

Submitted by Diane Sophrin

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 7/20/2011 7:33 PM
Family Surname: Shetinsky and Grinbaum
Country: Poland
Town: Lodz
Date of Image: 7.20.11
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This is page one of a four page pre-nuptual agreement. I would very much appreciate a loose translation with as much information as possible.

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On  Response 
7/19/2011 11:32 AM Record No : 3913.

Date : 04/30/1914 ( 05/13/1914).

Notary lower, Valery Napoleonovich Rifinsky had visitors in his office located in 47, Petrovsky street, Petrovsky District, Lodz.
Visitors were unknown to Him, but they were justifyed witnesses :
Adam Voicexovich Gaevsky and Stanislav Ignatievich Erzshmanovsky. Both live in Lodz, both are adults.

1. Merchant Chaim Falkovich Shetinsky, His address : 119 Vidzevsky stree, Lodz.

2. Female Xena ( Elena ) Abramovna- Leibovna Grinbaum. Her address : 92 Petrovsky street.

For identification, they presented passports :
for Chaim Shetinsky - city office of town Dombe, Koltsky area, Kalitsky district. 12/30/1909, No 18.
for Xena Grinbaum - city office of Lenchici, Kalitsky district, 09/30/1911, No 349.

Received a marriage certificate.
7/20/2011 9:51 PM A few corrections to the translation above:
Merchant's name is Chaim Falkov, not Falkovich. Obviously in Russian it should have been the latter but it is not.

The bride's first name cannot be spelled Xena in English, it is either Hena, or Khena, or Hennah, etc. Elena is indeed mentioned in the paper as an equivalent/variant name. She live on Petrokovsky, not Petrovsky street.
It is probably not a good idea to translate the words uezd and gubernija. So, Koltsky area, Kalitsky district was Kol'sky uezd of Kalishky gubernija in the original.

Hennah's had 4000 rubles in cash, not 400,000!!!

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