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Submitted by Carrielynn Apgar

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 6/8/2011 6:08 PM
Family Surname: Halsband
Country: Poland
Town: Nadworna
Date of Image: 1874
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Looking for translation of 1874 birth record of Moses Halsband (approximately 10th line). Also would like translation of document headings.

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On  Response 
6/12/2011 1:58 AM the headings are in Latin, and not really clear.

the date of birth? seems to be 13 June, 1874;

parents names: Abraham and Reisa? Halsbant;

Profession: Tageloehner = worker with daily payment;

since all the entries are for males, it is probably more of a circumcision list, and the date might be the date of circumcision, rather than birth;
the columns on the right seem to list godfathers names, and are not clear engough to read.
6/12/2011 1:09 PM The 2 leftmost columns are supposed to be for the months of birth and baptism, but instead were used for month and date of birth. col 3 is the house number and refers to a tax identification number. col 4 is the child's name. The next 2 columns are for religion - catholic first. The next column means 'or other'. The next 2 cols are for sex - check puer for boy, puella for girl. Then the parents get 3 columns - two for name and last name, then one for occupation. The last columns are intended for names and occupations of godparents. Halsband is not spelled with a final t, as the previous contributor thought - to me, that's clearly a final d. Look at line 1, where the mother's name is Gittel and see how the t's are formed. Then look at the 2nd entry, where the fathe's name is Aron Juda and see how the d is formed. The final letter of Halsband looks that the d in Juda. The godparents names are Isak Sond -something and Lea Blau, the same Lea Blau as had a child a few entries up? Although the last 2 cols were for godparents and occupation, the entries used both the columns for names, not as intended, and no occupation seems to be listed.
6/12/2011 11:01 PM sure, Halsband is written with final "d" - yesterday I did not open the image enlarged. I was just looking on the unclear version on this page. But the enlargement makes it much clearer.
6/13/2011 11:23 AM The first column is the day of birth, I read "6". The second column is originally for baptism (here possibly circumcision), "12", so the birth date is June 6, 1874.

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