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ViewMate Posting VM 16166

Submitted by James Weiner

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 8/1/2010 4:25 PM
Family Surname: Ainbund / Einbund
Country: Russia
Date of Image: 1947
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This is page one of a two-page letter that was sent to my paternal grandmother Rose EINBUND in Pittsburgh in 1947. I believe it's from her half sister Raya Ainbund in Russia. I'd like to have the letter translated from Yiddish to English. Page two is Viewmate # 16167. ------------ Thank You!!

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On  Response 
8/6/2010 5:12 AM Hi Jim,

what a really heartbreaking letter! I've made the transliteration of the first page (but will have a second look over it). Please tell me, if you are still in need of a translation!

Donershtik dem 18 September 47 yor
Fil frayd un groys glik vintsh ikh mayn liber shvester
Royze mitn man un libe kinderlekh lebt ale in fil
mayn libe shvester
siz ariber fil yor az mir hobn nit gevust
eyne fun der tsveyte. vi lebstu? vi es lebt undzer bruder
Sakharye? Vi nokhn toyt fun undzer libn foter zaynen mir
faroremt gevorn. mayn libe shvester ikh bet dikh enshuldik
mir. ober yetst ven di bisele yidn velkhe zaynen geblibn
zaynen undzere brider. iz zelbst farshtendlikh az a
shvester iz iz vi a muter un foter. libe shvester di groyse
srofe vos hot farbrent 6 milyon yidn zaynen oykh farbrent
gevorn undzer libe muter bruder Zolven mit zayn froy un kinder
undzer shvester Eshke mit ir man un kinder di merder fun
undzer folk velkhe hobn umgliklekh gemakht milyonen mentshin hobn
umgliklekh gemakht mir oyf eybik / nur Got tsu danken far dem vos
Got hot mir geshonk undzer yingern bruder Tone! er iz geven
oyf der milkhome uni z geven shver farvunde(r)t / nor Got tsu danken
er iz nit umgekumen

mayn libe shvester ikh hob dir geshribn a briv fun Bobruik
un dayn entver hob ikh nit gehat. yetst shrayb ikh dir...

Kind regards, B.

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