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Submitted by Elaine Bush

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Category: Translation - Hebrew
Approval Date: 8/2/2009
Family Surname: Rest, Schneider, Kirshner, Sher
Country: Lithuania
Town: Plunge Lit or Riga Latvia
Date of Image: ??
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This is reportedly an "engagement letter"--ketuba written around 1872. But that's not certain. I would so much appreciate a translation. Thank you.

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8/3/2009 this a tnoyim = a pre-nuptial contract.
the future groom is David son of Yehoshua Hakohen
the future bride is the praised virgin Fruma, attended by her mother Lesha daughter of Yechiel Michel Hakohen, the widow R.Leyb son of Shimon.
The mother's obligations were to grant her daghter with a nedunya that includes a house left by the bride's late father, which includes 'a shtub' and 'a kamer' (I think Yiddish for a home and an attached small room), as well as a respectable seat in the local shul and the ezrat nashim. The wedding date was fixed for rosh chodesh tammuz of the same year.signed on Monday 28th Nissan. year damaged.

dear Elaine a most interesting document thanks for sharing. love from Israel. Itzik Popper.
8/4/2009 This is not a full translation - couldn't figure it all out. I'm fluent in Hebrew - but not knowledgeable in Ketubot or the customs of the time. I hope this helps. I think it's actually a pre nuptual agreement - since the wedding is supposet to take place exactly a month after its signing.

1. The document mentions marriage -

2. Names: David Ha-Cohen [something] who will marry (i.e. is getting married) to Fruma [Berta?]
[She was asked and said yes}
3. David is possibly (paper torn) the son of Yehushua Ha-Cohen
4. Yekhiel Mikhl Ha-Cohen is also mentioned.

The [young]man (bachur) David Ha-Cohen [something] will wed the virgin Fruma [something] in Chupa and Kidushin according to the religion of Moses and Israel. [Then there's something about the fact that the woman should not be insulted (by third parties)-- can't decypher the rest]

[Somthing about the groom's commitment]

[and then, the following is interesting:]The woman Mrs. Lesho [?] the bride's mother is commited to give her daughter as a dowry the house that remained from the inheritance of her deceased husband R' Leib [something] Shimon [something]

[The text continues to describe something which sounds to me like the house has a room and a hall(?) ( Shtoob nd Kamer -- words in Yiddish - I think Shtoob may mean a small place where people pray). There is an almost architectonic description -- an eastern wall and a western wall mentioned and a rafter/beam; a synagogue with places for men and women (half and half). Clothes -for Shabat and for every day are also part of the dowry, these things (the home?) will be written on a bill [Hebrew word: Shtar] before the wedding.]

The wedding will take place, God willing on the 28 day of Tamuz which will come in goodness ( - Haba aleinu letova) of this year.

[Something is metioned about the sides (to the agreement) promising to compensate the guarantors]

[The text was signed on Monday, 28 of Nisan in a year I can't decipher]

Further names at the end: Yehuda Leib [something] Yithak Shamash
Eliezer son of R' Tsvi Pinchas.
8/4/2009 Further comment: the groom's name can definitely be interpreted as David Ha-Cohen "Rets" (not "st", "ts")
8/5/2009 It is very difficult to read the handwriting.
The groom id David HaCohen and the bride is Fruma daughter of ... (I cannot decipher).
The more interesting part is below, describing the dowry the bride's mother will give her daughter. Something about a house or content of a house that her late husband, Rab Leib son of Rab Shimeon Haim ....
Sorry I can't help more than that.
12/24/2009 Enter your response here and the submitter will be notified automatically.
it is a 'tena'im' i.e. an engagement document, for David son of [the late] Yehoshua Hacohen to Fruma - daughter of [Lesha?] and the late Leib son of Shimon.
I cannot make out the place or date, as the page is torn.
There are details of the financial arrangments between them too.
I hope this is helpful to you.
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