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Submitted by Katie Sobol

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Information Picture Question
Category: Sharing Document
Approval Date: 8/2/2009
Family Surname: Zoller
Country: Austria
Town: Brody
Date of Image: 1910
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Need help deciphering what is written for first passenger. Is a name included under "No address"?
Thank you,

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On  Response 
8/3/2009 The first passenger - "Bro. John Valer, no address"
The second passenger - "Bro. [in] law, Rus_or, S.D."

The form was poorly designed, as there was not enough room in which to write all of the data.
8/3/2009 It appears to me that brother John Valer is for the first passenger with no address. The second passenger is going to a brother-in-law in Rossor, S.D.

Barbara Kiersh
Jacksonville, FL
8/3/2009 No address is for line 1. Anything below it is for line 2.
8/3/2009 I think Valer is correct but refers to the 2nd passenger, not the first. You can tell by how the entries below are made (e.g., #5).
8/3/2009 Seems to be for the second passenger....
the pattern seems to be name with address underneath..and John Valor seems to go with the SD address below. No address seems to cover the full space for the first individual....with no name given either.
8/3/2009 I believe the first line is the only line that belongs to the first passenger.
The second and third passengers appear to be husband and wife. Lines 2-5 belong to them:
Brother John Valer
Roscoe, S.D.
Do. (Ditto)
Is the name of passenger #2 Valer/Vaaler ?
(the 1910 census has a John Vaaler in South Dakota)

The 4th passenger is going c/o Mrs. Levy
to Old Orchard Beach, Maine
8/11/2009 looks to me like "brother, John Valer"
8/13/2009 Hello Katie,

There is a name under "no address", but it is hard to determine if it refers to the first passenger. Without seeing a whole picture, it is difficult for anyone to give you the correct interpretation. It is impossible to know which line's information pertains to which passenger.

As for the second line, it reads: Brother, John Valer.
9/6/2009 It looks like they are going to their brother, John Valer, but they have no address for him.
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