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Submitted by Greg R Tuckman

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 7/12/2009
Family Surname: BLONES
Country: Poland
Town: Warszawa
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This is a short biography I located of my ancestor Guta Blones. I am seeking a complete translation. Thank you for your help.

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On  Response 
7/17/2009 Since you said I was the only one who responded to the previous posting, I felt sorry for you and translated this one also. I think I know why few people responded. Certificates follow a set pattern, so a lot of amateurs can "fake" it, using a dictionary. However, in order to translate serious stuff, you need someone whose mother tongue is Polish. So here I am, a Polish Christian, at your service. My grandparents saved the lives of many Jews and non-Jews during the war. Here is the translation: Guta Blones was born in 1917 or 1921 in Warsaw. She was the older sister of Jurek and Lusiek. She studied in the school CISzO (I don't know what kind of school that was) and in the technical school ORT. She was active in the children's Skif (a Jewish organization) and later, in th Cukunft (also a Jewish organization). Their mother died young, so Guta took care of her brother and the house. They lived on Smocza Street. In the ghetto, the siblings stayed together. Guta worked in the community kitchens. In their house, at 67 Nowolipie Street, they hid a duplicating machine. Jurek Blones and Marek Edelman printed there the Jewish Bund newspapers, while the girls distributed them throughout the ghetto. After the Great Campaign (Action), the Blones siblings were employed in the Roerich shed. In November 1942, Guta, Jurek, and the youngest, Lusiek, were captured in the shed and taken to Umschlagplatz. In the train, they were with the other Bund members, together with Chajka Belchatowska and others. They decided to jump. It seems, ten people. All of them returned to the ghetto. In the April uprising, they were together , on the site of the brushmakers. Guta ran the housekeeping for the insurgents and threw grenades together with her brothers. On May 10, they left Franciszkanska Street. Using underground sewers, after many hours, they got to Prosta Street. Kazik Rajtazer and Krzaczek drove them by truck to Lomianki. Afterwards they were supposed to join the partisans in the Wyszkowski forests, however Jurek fell gravely ill. Guta was also sick. It was decided to hide them in Pludy. Zygmunt Frydrych led them there. They were betrayed to the Germans by a Polish man who promised them shelter. Everyone was shot then and there.
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