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Submitted by Richard A. Cooper

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Category: Tombstone
Approval Date: 6/14/2009
Family Surname: BORENSTEIN
Country: Poland
Town: Warszawa
Date of Image: 1889
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This is from Okopawa Street Cemetery, Warszawa. I've been told that it is the grave of Baruch ben Yehuda ha-levi BORENSTEIN, died 18 Feb 1889. Can SKS please tell me exactly what the Hebrew says? Is there any indication of age at death? TIA!

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6/15/2009 An elderly man
satisfied with the deeds of his hands
guided his sons in the right way
H"H M. Baruch
B"R Yehuda Halevi
died 17th Adar 5649
[your details were correct]
6/16/2009 There's no indication of precise age. It would be on the second line which is almost absent, but I don't think it was there either. The first line says "An old man, full of years", which implies that he was unusually old at the time he died.
6/16/2009 This is this image :

The epitaph says, line to line :

1) Here lies
2) an aged man (a), fed of days (b)
3) fearing God (c),
4) enjoying the fruit of his labor (d).
5) He guided his sons on the path of the righteousness.
6) He was the honorable Baruch,
7) son of the honorable Yehudah HaLevi
8) Borenstein,
9) deceased 17 Adar 649, according to the little count.
10) May his soul be bound in the bundle of life.

17 Adar 649 = Monday 18 February 1889.

(a) quoted from Bible, Judges 19:16; 1 Samuel 28:14.
(b) quoted from Bible, 1 Chronicles 29:28.
(c) quoted from Bible, Isaiah 50:10 and others.
(d) quoted from Bible, Psalms 128:2.
6/16/2009 An old man full of years
.... enjoy the fruits of his labors
.... in (or on) a straight path
Boruch son of Yehuda HaLevi
died 17 Adar 5649 (18 Feb 1889)
May his soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life
6/18/2009 An old man (they misspelled old with two Zayens) fulfilled his days
next two lines illegible
Led his children in the straight path
then the name
6/20/2009 Died 17th Adar Taf-Reish-Mem-Tet.
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