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Submitted by Burt Leff Hecht

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Category: Translation - Hebrew
Approval Date: 6/10/2009
Family Surname: UNKNOWN
Date of Image: UNKNOWN
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Gravestone with only Hebrew inscription. Translation requested for names, dates,with patronymics if possible.
Captions needed for inclusion on JOWBR project

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6/10/2009 Rivka Miryam
daughter of Simcha Issachar Ber
10 Shevat 5746
6/11/2009 VM12930
The woman Rivka Miriam may she rest in peace
Daughter of _____ * rabbi Simcha Yissachar Ber of blessed righteous memory
from Tziashinov **
10th Shvat 5746 (20 January 1986)
May her soul be bound up in the bonds of eternal life.

* There is an acrostic which I think means "the righteous"
** I checked in the JewishGen Communities Database, the town is probably Cieszanów, Poland.

Sara, Toronto
6/11/2009 Here lies the woman Rivka/Riwka Miriam/Miryam
May she rest in peace daughter of the righteous
rabbi Simcha Issachar Ber May the memory of the
righteous be of a blessing, from Cieszanów [Poland.
Tzieshinov in Yiddish]
10 Shevat 5746 [20 January 1986]
by the abbreviated era
May her soul be bound in the bond of life
6/11/2009 "the woman Rivka (=Rebecca) Miriam daughter of rabbi Simcha Yissachar Mitsieshinov (probably from Tsieshinov)
passed 10 Shvat (5) 746 (= 20 Jan 1986)"
I assume it can be one of the 2 bellow :
Ciechanów, Poland
Cieszanów, Poland
Amir Rubinstein,
6/15/2009 Hello Burt,

The name of the woman was Rivkah Miriam. Very possibly the surname could have been something similar or sounding like Metzisinov or Metzishonov. She died during the Hebrew month of Shvat. There is more information on the tombstone, however, I am not able to decipher it coherently.

Hope that this helps....Jo
6/15/2009 PN
the woman Rivka Miriam A"H
daughter of the RH"Z [=the righteous Rabbi] Simcha Yissacahr Ber Zatza"l
of Cheshinov
10th Shvat 5746
6/15/2009 this stone is from a daughter of a prominent Hasidic Rabbi from pre-war, the inscription reads as follows:

"the burial place of
Mrs. Rivka Miriam A"H (Acronym for 'may she rest peace')
Daughter of the great rightous man Rabbi Simcha Yisocher Ber of blessed memory
from Tczecsnow
10 Shvat 5746 (1986)"

Her father was named Halberstam and was a son of the Schineve rav
6/15/2009 Free Translation : The Woman Rivkah Miriam May Upon Her Be Peace Daughter of The Rabbi And Tzaddik Simcha Yissachar Ber May The Memory of The Righteous Be Blessed Of Tzieshnuv 6th of Shevat 5786
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It said :
Buried here
the woman Rivka Miryam
the daughter of the Hasidic Rabbi Simcha Isaschar Baar of blessed memory
from Matzieshinov
January 20 1986
may her soul will be bundled in the bundle of living

7/16/2009 Hello Bert,

What I can figure out is as follows:

The woman, Rivka Miriam...???????.....daughter of....??Simcha ???? of blessed memory.....Meztieshinov (surname approximation)....died during the Hebrew month of Shavat.....(Hebrew letters)TNZVH (something similar to "may her soul rest in peace".

Hope that this helps and gives you a start....Jo
12/3/2009 Grave of Rivka Miriam daughter of Szymcha Isachar Ber from Czjeszinov died 10 Shvat 5746 (Jan 20, 1986)
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