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Submitted by Irit Shem-Tov

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 6/10/2009
Family Surname: SCHRENZEL and GRUBER v. BOGEN
Country: Ukraine
Town: Lviv
Date of Image: 1905
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Among Birth records from Lviv Archive, one was not filled out according to the column's titles. Instead, the info was arranged in 4 short paragraphs, 2 on each page/side of the document. However, the mentioned names surely refer to my research.Translation is needed since I think they hold valuable info.

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6/13/2009 Dear Irit Shem-Tov,

if you wish me to translate it word-by-word, please send me the file as email attachement (, here is a bit too small copy to read all words, but what i see it's a document signed by the officials and witnesses attesting to the birth of (something like the birth record) of baby-girl named Gizela, illegitimate daughter of Charlotte Schrenzel. According to the document, the child was born in Lviv 28.08.1905.
p.s. the habit of that time was that for illegitimate babies father (even if known) was not mentioned in birth records / certificates. That's why he's not mentioned here.
I hope this translation helps in your research.

Julia Koszewska
6/16/2009 The document is very small, and I am unable to enlarge it. If you like, please e-mail it to me and I might be able to decipher the few missing words. Here is what i was able to translate: L. Certificate 56/1909. On the basis of ___(some kind of document) in Lwow, dated December 1, 1908 L.1553957 XVI and the recommendation of the Magistrate ___ of the City of Lwow, dated January 11, 1909 L 1321721 XIII 18, hereby the following is being recorded: Gizela, the illegitimate daughter of Charlotte Schrenzel, was born in Lwow, August 28, 1905 3/2,1909 (signature of clerk) The undersigned, Mojzesz Gruber vel Bogen _____ admits to the paternity and is requesting to be recorded as the father of this child (Gizela), to which the mother, who is present, agrees, and both are recording and legitimizing (the child). (Signatures) Mojzesz Gruber vel Bogen, Charlotte Schrenzel , married name Gruber vel Bogen, Salomon Shapira, Salomon Albert, witnesses (date and signature of clerk) Note: If this document could be enlarged, there is a good chance I might be able to read the few remaining blanks. Best regards, Elizabeth Szeremeta
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