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Submitted by Melissa Lori Shingles

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Category: Tombstone
Approval Date: 5/27/2009
Family Surname: Kaplovitz
Town: Atlantic City
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I would like a translation of the Hebrew inscription for both Devorah and Morris

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On  Response 
5/30/2009 Moshe son of Israel
Dvora daughter of Israel Haim
6/1/2009 [right]:
our father Moshe son of Israel
You did good deeds
you purchased a good name for yourself
Oh, on the troubled day
sons and mother shall weep
their crown was taken away from them
a faithful friend who loves justice
a shochet uvodek and shliach tzibbur of no faults
you were first for charitable deeds
attended to the poor and needy
you always saw to their assistance
died rosh chodesh Nissan 5699
6/1/2009 [left]:
a woman of noble character
Deborah daughter of R.
Israel Chaim
She speaks with wisdom
faithful instruction is on her tongue
Her children arise and call her blessed
her husband also, and he praises her
died 19th Shvat

translator's remark:
most lines are quotations from Proverbs 31
6/1/2009 Morris:
Our father, Moshe bar (son of) Israel
Good deeds you have done
A Good reputation you have built (bought)
(?) for a day of trouble
Sons and mother wept sorrowfully
You were taken from them (?)
Loyal friend lover of justice
Return and (?) without checking
First for charity you were
To the poor and poor (synonym) you turned
A helper for them you were
Passed away first of the month (rosh Khodesh) of Nisan, 5699
May his/her soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life

A woman of valor
Dvora bat (daughter of) Rabbi
Israel Chaim
Her mouth opened wisely
Compassion on her tongue (her language)
Her sons rose and made her happy
Her husband praised her
Passed away 19 Shvat, 5719 (Jan 28, 1959)

Let me know if you have any questions. Some of these words don't translate well.

Amir (
6/2/2009 right:
our father Moshe son of Israel
good did you do
good name you bought yourself
for bad times
sons and mother will cry deeply
their crown was taken
good friend, justice loover
first for donation
for poor you reffered
saw to help them
died 1st Nisan Tav Reish Tzadi Teit
Eshet Hail - good wife
Devora of Rabbi
Israel Haim
opened her mouth wisely
true Torah on her toung
he sons came and raised her
her husband will prey her
died 19 Shvat
Tav Shin Yod Teit (619)
6/2/2009 Morris Kaplovits:
Our father Moshe (Moses) the son of Yisrael (Israel) (the name/father's name also appears in acrostic starting at line 2)
Good deeds you did
A good name you bought yourself
See to a day of sorrow
Sons and a wife will cry bitterly
When their crown was taken from them
A good friend and lover of justice
A first to charity you were
to the poor and impoverished you turned to
to help them you saw
passed away on rosh chodesh Nisan [5]699

Devorah (much is a copy of Eshet Chayil -Proverbs 31. See ):
A woman of valor
Devorah the daugher of R'
Yisroel Chaim
She opens her mouth with wisdom
a lesson of kindness is on her tongue
Her children rise up and make her happy;
her husband praises her
passed away on 19 Shevat [5]719
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