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Submitted by Michael Gordy

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Category: Tombstone
Approval Date: 3/25/2009
Family Surname: GLUECK
Country: Czech Republic
Town: Straznice (Strassnitz)
Date of Image: June 2008
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My poor Hebrew tells me that this is the tombstone of Salomon (the Kohane) Glueck (1746-1836), my g-g-g-g-grandfather. Did I get that right? I need a translation, or at least confirmation of name and a date. Hints of a father's name? Any gleanings much appreciated!

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3/26/2009 shlome zalmen hakohen gluck learnd day and night from youth till ninty guarded his tounge from evil. fathers name and date of passing may be on the bottom lines that are not unearthed.
3/27/2009 This is what I can read. Part of the first line is illegible so I can start with.......of Shelomo offspring of Aharon HaCohen rejoiced in the Lord's Torah day and
night from the days of his youth to the age of ninety
kept ? from all evil he is HaRav Zalman Cohen Glueck

The remainder is below ground and I don't see a date.

I hope I was able to help you Sara
3/27/2009 Hi, the name Shlomo certainly appears but I cannot decipher if it is the name of the deceased or part of the "glory" sentances that are sometimes on a tombstone. There are certainly the "Cohen hands" that mark it as belonging to a Cohen and also a mention of a "Zalman" Ha-Cohen at the bottom.
Sorry I can't read more,
3/27/2009 I see the deceased person's name, Shlomo .. HaCohen, and what looks like the father's name Zalman Cohen Gluek.
Unfortunately the date is buried. Only part of the bottom row is visible. The open hands at the top of the stone also confirm the Cohen connection.
3/30/2009 The writing on the stone is rather old-fashioned. The inscription here appears to be the traditional acrostic, though the beginning of the second line is unclear. The inscription is a beautiful work, made of biblical phrases strung together.

1. Behold the bed of Shlomo (i.e. Solomon)
2. son of?/of the stock of? Aaron the Kohain. He rejoiced
3. in the Torah of the L-rd day and night
4. from his youth till ninety
5. He guarded his tongue from all evil
6. HK Holman, the Kohain of the area
From the photo it can be seen that the inscription continued. It is at the bottom that you would expect to find things like the date. As far as the father's name, it depends on the unclear word beginning line 2. If it is "u-ben" "and the son of", then it is Aaron. However, it may be "u-migezzah" "and of the stock of", meanning a descendant of The biblical Aaron the High Priest. Whatever it is, I assume it begins with a "vav", because that completes the acrostic for "Hollman", given at the end. The "HK" at the end is often for "hakatan" "the insignificant", but only used when writing of oneself! Otherwise, it may be "hakadosh" "the holy" used of especially holy people, or of those martyred. It doesn't sound like this man was martyred. It may stand for "hakarui" "who was called", and does indeed give the name Hollman, which agrees with the acrostic. The title "Kohain HaGalil" which I have translated as "the Kohain of the area" comes from a listing of various Priestly families and where they lived. It does not necessarliy signify anything particular here.

I hope this helps you! Good luck with your research!

Daniel Rosenzweig

4/2/2009 Dear Michael,

I have transcripted the whole text in Hebrew and translated.

Unfortunately, the bottom line is half in the earth and I suppose that there is one other line completely in the earth, bearing day, month and year of the death.

Please, send me a mail, so I'll be able to send to you what I did (Word and PDF).

All the best.

Avraham MALTHETE, Paris, France.
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