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Submitted by Karen VictoryColin Pratt

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 5/12/2008
Family Surname: Gitl KLEPFISZ JACHSEN
Country: Poland
Town: Zyrardow
Date of Image: 1961
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My cousin's mother Gitl wrote this Yiskor Bk. 'memory' & submitted the photo. We don't read Yiddish, nor can we identify those in the photo. Any help will be treasured. There are 4 pages [334,335,336,337] to the article.
Original Title: Pinkas Zyrardow, Amshinov un Viskit
English Title: Memorial book of Zyrardow, Amshinov and Viskit
Zyrardow Located: 5204' / 2026'

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On  Response 
5/17/2008 I could not get very far, unfortunately, I am strictly an amateur...

Gitl Klepfish-Ykhsn

A Leaflet of Memories

The writer in our family is my brother Heshl, or as those in Zyrardow remember him "Heshke", and as he is today known in the world, as Dr. Heshyl Klepfish. But when I heard about Zyrardow Yizkor book, I consider my duty to add on a word to the inscription on the tragic mass tombstone. This is really the last thread, that unites us with our dear ones and loved ones, I will here jot down two characters which I remember from my childhood in Zyrardow.

My Grandmother Chane

She was an unforgettable woman, my grandmother Chane, or as she was called Chane-Hallels. My mother was Chane-Hallels' "Brochele", and we children were Chane-Hallels "little grandchildren" [eyniklach].

I remember my grandmother with a constant smile and a pair of dear, clever eyes. Not at all tall, but a even, gracious with an oblong head, adorned with flowers, with strong lines on her noble face.

She was the "head" of the large wholesale sugar business, which employed her husband Rav Hillel, her sons, daughters and the whole family.

Mike Kraft
Redmond, WA
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