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Submitted by David Ferleger

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Category: Translation - Hebrew
Approval Date: 5/4/2008
Family Surname: Ferleger
Country: Poland
Town: Rabbi directory
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A rabbi listing for R Yaakov Ferleger from Nathan Friedman's Otzer Ha-Rabonim. Seeking translation, identification of town/s and years, and any nuances or comments or interpretation. David Ferleger.

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The Rabbi Yaakov Perligver; born 5621; rabbi, famous scholar. In 5650 rabbi in Viegaveg and Shukian; author of the book Divrei Ya'akov.

Shalom Bronstein, Jerusalem
5/5/2008 Hi David,

The Rabbi, Reb Ya'akov FERLEGER (says FERLEGVER). He was born in 5621 (1860/1861). He was a well-known Ga'on ("Genius" in matters of the Jewish Relgion). In 1889/1890 he became the Rabbi of Vigeveg, Shukyan (Saukenai), Lithuania. He wrote: Divrei Ya'akov (Words of Jacob).

Here is Saukenai:

Vigeveg may be Jadvygava about 10 miles ESE of Saukenai.

All the best,

Nathen Gabriel
North Vancouver, BC
5/5/2008 Rabbi Ferleger was born in 5621
corresponding to 1860/61

Hope this helps!
Morton M. esterson
Affiliate Professor of Education
Loyola College in Maryland
5/6/2008 9864 The Rav Rabbi Jacob Prolgever. Born 621 (= 1861). Famous Rav and Gaon. In 650 (= 1890), Rav in Vaigeve, Shukian (= Saukeniai, in Lithuania; 55 48'/ 22 53'). Author of "Divre Ya'aqov" (= Sayings of Jacob"). That's all, folks ! But I have found someinformation about this book : printed and published in 1902 in Vilnius by Abraham Tsevi Katzenellbogen. With the "Haskamot" of Rabbi Moshe HaLevi Zaks and of Rabbi Gershon Mendel, son of Judah Leib Ziv. the name of the author in the book has another Hebrew/Yiddish spelling and I don't think that it is read as Ferleger (Prolgever or Frolgever). You'll also find this book in the JNUL in Jerusalem.

Friendly yours.

5/8/2008 Yaakov Ferleger. Born in 1861. Great and famous Rabbi. (Something in Yiddish, not my territory :) - Bveigeveg, Shukian)
The writer of "Divrei Yaakov" (the saying of Yaakov).

Hope it's helpful.
Kind regards,
Olga Malamud
5/8/2008 Dear David ,
The translation is as follows :
9864 the Rabbi Rabbi Ya'akov Perlgever.(may start with f, it is the same letter in Hebrew). Born 1861. Genious and famous Rabbi. At 1890 Rabbi in Voigeveg (that is the way to pronounce, spelling may be wrong), Shookian.
Wrote "Divrey Ya'akov "( the sayings of Jacob).
That's the translation.

Amir Rubinstein,
5/11/2008 David:

Pardon the attitude but I faxed this to you and you never acknowledged it. I'd have translated it too if you had asked.

Some people!

5/11/2008 I looked at the books of A. Beider:
Dictionary of Jewish surnames from the Kingdom of Poland;
Dictionary of Jewish surnames from Galicia.

in Poland the surname is FERLEGIER (or Forlegier, Felegier).
Derived from German: Verleger = publisher.

In Galicia, the town Lancut, the surname is FORLEGER.
Derived from German: Vorleger = rug.
5/11/2008 In a book in Yiddish that I have at home, about the shtetls in Lithuania - Yidishe Shtet, Shtetlech un Dorfishe Yishuvim in Lite (Jewish Cities, Towns and Villages in Lithuania), Berl Kagan, New-York, 1990 - Yaqov Pralgever is quoted page 90 and 620 : (1) page 90 : Vaiguva/Vaigeve; the rabbi was Rabbi Yaqov, son of Rabbi Yehudah-Leib Pralgever, born 1861, since 1891; later, Rav in Shukian. Author of Divre Yaqov and Nachalat Yaqov. (2) page 620 : Saukenai/Shukian; same article about him.

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