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Submitted by Bruce Leibowitz

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Category: Tombstone
Approval Date: 4/30/2008
Family Surname: Pickus
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I would like some assistance translating this from hebrew to English. Thank You!

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On  Response 
5/1/2008 The important info is in the first few lines
Here lies our dear father
Rabbi Kalman ben Avraham
died died 4 Tishrei 5670
the last 10 lines are an acrostic elegy (lines of praise and mourning begining with each letter from Kalman ben Avraham
5/1/2008 Here lies buried our beloved father
HaRav Kalman son of Avraham of blessed memory
died 14 Tishrei 5670
We lament and cry since the day our father was buried
our hearts are full of grief Woe to our crisis
Woe our father died at the prime of a man's life
rivers of tears are pouring from our eyes like streams of water
at the age of 54 years his soul sailed to the heavens
our loss???
our crown glory has fallen
he earned a good name and ?
the splendor of the Torah stood for him for many days
and he was rewarded to rest in the heavens in the Garden of Eden

May his soul be bound in the bond of everlasting life

I was not able to read some of the words on the stone.
Also starting from line 4 each row starts with a letter from his name spelling it upright. You can see that the first letter is larger.

5/1/2008 Hi Bruce,

Here Lies Buried

Our dear father
Rabbi Kalman son of Avraham of Blessed Memory
Died on the 14th of Tishrei, 5670

We have experienced lamentation and melancholy ever since we laid our father in his grave
Our hearts are full of sadness woe is unto us because of this tragedy
Our father died in the best years of his life
Our eyes are flowing rivers of tears
He was 54 years old when his soul returned to Heaven
We have sustained an irretreavable loss
In (?) there the crown fell
He acquired a good name his memory will be for glory
The Torah was his desire to teach it to many all of his days
His rest is in Eden his reward is on High

May His Soul Be Bound Up in the Bundle of Life

All the best,

Nathen Gabriel
North Vancouver, BC
5/2/2008 "here is buried
our dear father
the rabbi mr. kalman son of mr. abraham of blessed memory
died 12 tishrei 5670 [27 sept 1909]

[poetic verses in an acrostic spelling out the name "kalman ben abraham"]

may his soul be bound up in the bond of life"
5/3/2008 our dear father
the Rabbi Kalman s/o the late Mr Avraham
died on 14 Tishrei 5670
the next ten lines begins from the letters of the name
ben (son of)son
and don't bring any genealogical information.

Have a good week,
Dr.Josef Ash
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