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Submitted by Philip Moravcik

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 4/23/2008
Family Surname: Weiss
Country: Czech Republic
Town: Belec
Date of Image: 1901
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Here's my interpretation, can you fill in the gaps?

Josef Weiss Widower? from ??? by Belec, born 18/9/1812 in Hinter Treban son of ???(occupation?) Jakob and Marie Weiss (born Back from Horelic). Thanks in advance.

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On  Response 
4/24/2008 This is the German text, line to line :

1 - Josef Weiss
2 - Witwer und Ausge-
3 - dinger zu Belc,
4 - geboren am 18/9 1812
5 - zu Hinter
6 - Sohn der Eheleute
7 - Jakob und Marie Weiss
8 - geborene Back aus
9 - Horelic (= today Horelice, Czech Republic)

Joseph Weiss, widower and trader at Belc, born Sept 1812, 18th, at Hinter-Traben, son of the couple Jakob and Marie Weiss, nee Back, from Horelice (a little bit south-west from Prague).

Friendly yours.

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Hope this helps. The first word you are looking for is "Ausgedinger". That is a retired farmer/gardener, etc. who lives from the income of the land but no longer works it himself. The second word is "Eheleute"-married couple. Phyllis
4/25/2008 Good morning,
Your text says as follows : Josef Weiss, widower and 'Ausgedinger' eu Belec, born on Sept 18, 1812 in Hinter-Treban; son of the couple Jakob and Maria Weiss
born Back from Horelic.
Ausgedinger = not a profession, nor an occupation, but the naming of someone, who, being retired, lives in the parental home. The name is/was used by farmers and gardeners.

Omer Vanvoorden /Belgium/Gersig
4/29/2008 You say the word after "Weiss" is widow, which would mean the word is "Witwer" - and it doesn't quite look like that to me, but I'm willing to believe it. The next word is und (and) - it's a u with a curlicue above - a typical form of abbreviation. The next word I believe is Ausgedinger (it's split between 2 lines) - meaning that he occupies the home of his parents (i.e. is a resident of) in Belc.

The next problematic word (at the end of the line before the names Jakob u[nd] Marie Weiss) looks like it's some form of the word marriage, Ehe - like Ehelnute (not a word). My guess it's a word indicating "the married couple" Jakob & Marie Weiss.
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